Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Snore Solution

Oils to help with snoring

My husband, through just growing up as a boy and then military service and finally his near fatal work-accident, has broken his nose multiple times. The result is a lot of snoring. I've been sleeping with ear plugs in my ears every night for nearly 18 years now, and I never have very good quality of sleep. The ear plugs itch, they fall out, and they don't block the sound entirely. My husband claims I snore, but I don't believe him. At least, I don't think I snore consistently. If my allergies are bad or I have a cold, maybe. I do think I might have sleep apnea, however. It runs in my family and I sometimes awaken from a dream in which I'm swimming or under water and when I wake up find I'm not breathing. I can't start breathing again right away, either, but have to concentrate on forcing myself to breathe again. I don't have these episodes nearly as much as I did in my youth. When I was a teenager they were an almost nightly occurrence.

Anyway, a recent Young Living Essential Rewards promotion was a free Idaho Balsam Fir oil. Wondering how to use it I did some research and found it is recommended along with Idaho Blue Spruce oil for snoring and sleep apnea. So, I put together a roll-on. My husband has been using it before bed this week and just to circumvent argument, so have I. OH MY WORD... we have had NO snoring. After the first night I woke up in the morning sans ear plugs and I hadn't even MOVED. "Maybe it's a fluke", I thought. Then the next morning was the same, and the next... I am finally sleeping ear plug free! I haven't had any issues with my breathing during sleep either. The strange thing is, I'm almost more tired than before, sort of like in college when you'd pull an all-nighter and be fine the next day but then a day or two after that just crash. Who knows how long the crash lasts after 18 years! I'm just sleeping and sleeping to my heart's content, and when I'm awake I've been accomplishing a lot more, so I give this recipe a huge thumbs up.

No-Snore Roll On

15 drops Young Living Idaho Blue Spruce oil
15 drops Young Living Balsam Fir oil
5 ml carrier oil such as olive or grapeseed oil
Young Living Aroma Glide roller ball fitment

Mix oils in a 5 ml Young Living bottle and top with a roller ball fitment. Roll on skin under nose and on throat and chest before bed. For added benefit diffuse 8 drops each of the oils through the night.

So, anyway, I highly recommend this all-natural remedy for snoring. I'm excited to see what all we can do now that we are finally getting undisturbed sleep. To learn more about Young Living and purchase these products please visit my Naturally Amanda Facebook page or go here.

The oils can also be diffused.

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