Thursday, June 22, 2017

Stock Up for Summer Sale!

Atelier Mandaline eBay is stocked with everything you and the kids need for summer! From swim wear to hot summer fashions to glow-in-the-dark toys, the more you buy the more you will save with my June/July sale offers. Pack your shopping cart to pack your suitcases for less! Head to to see all my summer offers in one place.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


I'm B-A-A-A-C-K! Atelier Mandaline has reopened! Celebrate with 10% off the eBay store and 20% off Etsy, Facebook, and Atelier Mandaline with code DADDYO. I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day weekend! Link to all the shops from

Monday, June 5, 2017

Hello, Sunshine!

This Friday my oldest will graduate from high school. I'm having some trouble processing it, and since he will be leaving early to go to college we have to have him ready to move into the dorm in just a couple weeks. So on Wednesday, June 7th I am closing all the shops for 10 days to celebrate and spend some last moments with three children still at home. This is only the second time I've taken a vacation with the shops closed in 16 years, and it's hard for me! To make up for the inconvenience I am offering discounts in all the stores through midnight Wednesday. Take an extra 10% off throughout the eBay store. Use the coupon code SUMMERY for 20% off the Atelier Mandaline website shopFacebook shop, and Etsy shop.

The past four years, since my son started high school and especially marching band, have gone by in a blur of effort and obligations and sleepless nights. Really, it's been even longer than that. I feel like I was holding an infant and blinked and he's all grown up! I can't believe it's already over! It seems as if I've been inside a whirlwind and now I've been dropped in some foreign country without any clue of where I am or how I arrived.

I know this is how things are supposed to be. It's the natural course of time. We are happy he's graduating and that he's so motivated to begin college that he's starting early. I'm just going to need a little time to get used to things. I hope you have a wonderful start to your summer and I will be back soon!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Love Your Laundry

Recently I came up with a brilliant idea, I thought, while washing our endless flood of laundry. Last year I got myself Young Living's wool dryer ball set that comes with a bottle of lavender essential oil. I love the way the lavender oil smells, and I really love the idea of replacing dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener. Several recent studies have shown products scented with synthetic chemical fragrances release carcinogens into our homes. Nearly 98% of air fresheners, whether sprays or plug-in units or whatever, contained known carcinogens. Laundry fragrances were even worse if they went into the dryer because of the products being exposed to heat. Lavender oil is pure and safe, and Young Living oils are the cream of the crop.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my dryer balls for the short time I owned them. All but one have disappeared. I couldn't figure out how this was happening until I caught our puppy sneaking one out of a laundry basket one day. Even though I have repeatedly warned everyone to pick up the dryer balls, each time someone else has "helped" me with the laundry another ball disappeared. So, I decided to make myself some more. But when I sat down to make them I wondered, why not have some fun with them? They don't have to just be balls; they can be cute. Besides that, I only had white ones before and I felt like they left white lint on my darks. I decided to make light and dark colored balls.

I made myself a narwhal and  what was supposed to be a bunny but which came out looking more like an Ewok. I tested them this weekend and they held up well. After four loads or so they're still adorable! I was going to call them "Dryer Dollies" since it's alliterative, but since they are animals rather than people the rest of my family thought "Dryer Pals" was better. 

Before Use

After Use
Before Use

After Use

Dryer Pals are a set of two wool needle-felted dryer balls shaped like animals, one light and one dark, and a 2-ml bottle of lavender essential oil. To use the Dryer Pals you add two or three drops of oil to each one for every four or five loads of laundry. The oil is not necessary but I really enjoy the scent. Wool dryer balls work by breaking the bond between electrons that makes fabric stick together; the fibers rubbing against the fabric separate the molecules. Essential oil adds fragrance to the laundry without leaving the grease spots typical fabric softeners use since the few drops of oil soak into the wool.  After making a whole bunch of my exclusive "invention" I got on Etsy so see what people are charging for regular dryer balls and found out several people are making them shaped like animals. So my "invention" isn't as unique as I thought! Luckily most of the others are not being made here in the USA and most are sheep, which crazy as it seems, didn't occur to me. I mostly made marine animals, I guess because the idea of laundry leads me to think of water.

Right now I have three sets of Dryer Pals listed on Etsy: one seal and manatee set, one narwhal and seal set, and one set of two bunnies. I will have more of these arriving in the Facebook and eBay shops and the Atelier Mandaline website later in the summer. These make a great gift for yourself or anyone who wants to implement a safe and all-natural home cleaning regimen.

The set of balls and essential oil

Light Narwhal

Manatee and Seal

Dark Narwhal

Beluga Whale

Bunnies Set

Seal and Narwhal set

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Customs For All

The past week and long weekend were all about custom pieces for me. I had a welcome and much-appreciated order for several pairs of my custom-color eyes. I hand-paint Margon moving "sleep" doll eyes in colors either not produced by the company or out of stock in a particular size. I could order lots of eyes in different colors and sizes from foreign wholesalers but I prefer the Margon eyes for several reasons. Margon patented the cased individual moving eyes in the 1930s. Before that, doll eyes were plastic or glass and moving eyes were wired together and attached to a metal clip or bar which was then attached to the inside of the doll's head. The eyes moved via a lead weight wired to them. Margon's invention allowed for a much smaller area inside the head to be devoted to moving eye attachment. Since Margon patented the moving eye, they are the brand used in most vintage dolls and I like to use them because I am usually replacing old eyes with new ones virtually identical to the originals. I also like to use Margon eyes because they are distributed by a US-based wholesaler and I prefer to support local companies. It's easier to talk to their representatives as well, since there isn't a huge time difference. I have a global enough business now that I am frequently up dealing with clients very late at night or extremely early in the morning. I love my international clients, but I appreciate sleep as well, more and more as the years go by!

I customize eyelids with "eyeshadow".

Dolls like Jacqueline Portraits had eyeshadow.

So, although I've seen wholesalers selling eyes in various colors and sizes I don't have, for the present I think I am going to stick with the Margon eyes. The very fact that I send these all over the world rather frequently leads me to believe they are a higher-quality eye than some of the cheaper wholesale eyes. Something I haven't seen anywhere are "eyeshadow" eyes, which is one of my custom styles. If you are restoring a Madame Alexander Portrait doll with the Jacqueline face, for example, you will realize the original eyes had painted "eyeshadow" on the eyelids. It wouldn't be a big deal to replace those eyes with plain ones except that the entire eyelid is painted blue to match. It really just doesn't look right to put plain eyes in one of those dolls, so I started producing my "eyeshadow" eyes with painted lids.

My "Spring Green" eye color in progress

Spring Green


Kelly Green

After a lot of requests from customers, I began making my custom color eyes by painting the irises. So far purple or violet is my most popular color, and after that green is a big hit. I have done several shades of green, from teal to spring green to Kelly Green. I also have dark aqua blue eyes ready to ship. The custom eyes can take up to a week to dry, so delivery time is typically about a week and a half to two weeks from the time of the order. Certain colors dry faster than others, for whatever reason, as do different brands of paint.

My custom bag mailers

Custom boxes

A bunch of Memorial Day orders shipped in my custom packages!

Once I'd finished the custom eyes I spent a lot of the weekend designing, printing, and cutting logo stickers to apply to my mailers to make custom packages. I am so excited about the way these look! I was thrilled to find pink bag mailers for clothes, but the boxes are cute, too. Next I hope to make a logo stamp for branding the boxes, which should be cheaper than using sticker paper. It makes me feel much more like a "real" business to have logo-branded packaging. I hope it will help people remember by store, too, since I sell on so many different platforms. 

This week I have been working on figuring out how to make "squishies". This is kind of a custom project; all these people were getting to my Etsy shop searching for "squishies." It's been my first and second most-searched term for months but I had no idea what squishies were. I figured, if so many people are trying to find them I'd better figure out how to make them! I spent most of Tuesday morning watching tutorials. This is quite frustrating, since almost all of them get finished and show a cute project, but then the artist says, "Well, after filming this fell apart." Honestly, why would you go to the trouble of making a tutorial if your method doesn't actually work? It just wastes everyone's time! I combined several techniques that appeared to work to make this cute squishy narwhal. Although adorable, now that it's drying it is developing several cracks, so it will be back to the drawing board for the squishies. If I come up with a workable technique I will post a tutorial that's actually helpful, and maybe even produce some kits!

You can find all the custom eyes shown ready to ship on eBay or order your own from Etsy or my website. Link to all my shops and now even place orders and request custom products at

Making a squishy narwhal

Friday, May 26, 2017

Welcome, Summer!

Although it's really still a few weeks away, the beginning of summer is traditionally marked by the Memorial Day weekend holiday. It's a somber remembrance to begin a season associated with happiness, but perhaps that is fitting. We can reflect in the midst of our joy on those who sacrificed themselves in order that we might have this freedom. 

I'm always hesitant to set up sales on occasions such as this, but it seems like it's so expected these days you almost have to do it. For one thing, many people have the only break they get to shop during the day and they expect discounts. For that reason I have coupon codes and sales set up for all my shops through midnight Monday. Use the code: SUMMER for 15% off this website and my Facebook shop. Take an additional 10% off my monthly sales throughout the eBay store. Take 15% off any Etsy order with the code REMEMBER. You can link to all these shops through

I hope you have a happy weekend of celebration and remembrance!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I Got Slimed!

If you have kids you've no doubt been introduced to the dual sensory trends sweeping schools right now: fidget spinners and slime. Our schools had to ban these items due to children playing when they should be paying attention and the toys getting lost. Plus, whenever something becomes this trendy all kinds of cheap copies pop up and those can be dangerous. I've seen both items selling for as little as $1 and have already heard reports of children choking on pieces of fidget spinners and all sorts of things. I worry especially about the cheapest versions, because I can tell you the slime, at least, is not inexpensive to make!

Sticky Slime Gel
My daughter is completely addicted to slime making and my son enjoys it as well. So far we are over $100 spent on supplies. It requires a lot of glue, which isn't all that cheap. Then there are the questionable recipes floating around. A really heavily-advertised recipe includes contact lens solution and baking soda. Don't try that one! My daughter tried it and liked it at first so she made several batches. Well, it turns out baking soda isn't a stable emulsifier. After a few hours all the liquid began to seep out of the slime, and even out of the plastic containers. The dye and baking soda got all over my white painted dining room furniture. It was a huge mess. The slime turned from supple to rock hard lumps. It was a an enormous waste of money and I feel like calling Elmer's Glue Company, who is circulating the recipe, and demanding they come repaint my furniture! That recipe isn't the only failure we've had; it was just the most spectacular failure.

Rose Gold Star Slime
Lucky for you, my daughter worked through several recipes in her extensive product-testing and came up with a few winners. She wanted to sell her slime and I agreed to stock it in my Etsy and eBay shops since she can't take it to school. If I can get rid of some of our overstock and help other parents save money and time buying it pre-made I'm happy to do it! We use recipes that include glue, Borax, and water, as well as add-ins like food coloring, glitter, and sequins. These aren't safe to eat, so I recommend them for older children. For a while my daughter was scenting them with essential oils but I thought that was too dangerous. It makes the slime smell like lemon or peppermint or other foods and I worried kids might want to taste it. I even had an adult ask if it was edible! Why you would look at this stuff and want to eat it I don't know, but if it has a chemical gluey smell I think that's best.

Frozen Slime

The kids spent the entire day making slime Sunday, since it was raining and they couldn't go outside. Literally from around noon until my daughter left for church at 6 they made batch after batch, so we are well-stocked! We have sticky slime and stiff therapy putty slime and gel slime. We have Galaxy Slime and Rose Gold Slime and three colors and two textures of Frozen Slime in containers printed with pictures of Olaf the Snowman. We even have the ONLY slime keychains on eBay and Etsy, so you can carry your slime with you! I made the keychains by hand. You can open them whenever you're feeling stressed and remove your slime to play with it. I have to say, I haven't ever considered slime putty for stress relief, but it is rather soothing to play with it or even just to watch videos of people squishing it. You can find our videos on Instagram @ateliermandaline so I hope you'll stop by and give us a follow. Our least expensive mini-egg slimes are nearly sold out already on eBay and Etsy so if you want the best selection please visit and link to my stores. The Etsy shop has the greatest selection at the moment. I have forbidden any more slime-making for now. We are out of containers, and with two band concerts and a banquet this week I haven't had time to pick up any more. Happy Squishing!

Atelier Mandaline's exclusive slime keychains

We have assorted colors ready to ship on eBay and Etsy.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Celebrate & Shop!

I am beyond thrilled to announce my website can now take payments! I have my own shop at last! I've been working toward this moment since I was playing with my Barbie Dream Store in the basement, dreaming of a store of my own. My designs are ready to go, my exclusive pink branded bags are on the way, and I'm over the moon with joy! Please visit the Atelier Mandaline Shop and check it out. *P.S. There just MIGHT be a few celebratory sales going on in the other Atelier Mandaline shops on eBay, Facebook, and Etsy!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

New Offers Online!

Here at Atelier Mandaline things have been crazy busy, but I did have time to set up some new promotions in the eBay store. Anytime you want to see all the sales I have running in that store, which is my largest, head to  You can bookmark this page and check it monthly to see my newest offers in this shop. To keep up to date on all my stores, head to and sign up for my newsletter (and get exclusive sale coupons when you sign up!).

This week I am working on listing vintage fashion, most from the 1990s. So far I have some shoes and boots up for auction, and I am working on a bunch of sweaters, so stay tuned. I finally decided I am never going to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, including my shoes because my feet got larger along with everything else, so I am selling them and getting them out of here. Some are post-baby, but still really small because they were pre-36, the age at which I started to have some serious problems with weight gain. It's a shame, because back then I had a lot more money to spend on myself and I had much higher-quality clothes and shoes than I do now.

I would have as many kids as God would give me, but I tell you, right now the three I have are keeping me poor and exhausted! We just finished Senior Prom and have Graduation coming up. After that we are taking a family trip to Disney to celebrate. I've been working on accruing gift card points for over a year to help pay for that. When we get back we are taking the younger kids to my parents' for a week so they are out of the way while we move our oldest into the dorms for an early-start program. I still don't have sheets or towels or anything for him, so I need to get on it. I think a trip to my happy place: IKEA, is in order!

Our oldest got out of braces a couple months ago and now our daughter went into them on her lower jaw. She has a torturous appliance across the roof of her mouth. I have to turn it with a key every night to expand it The hope is we can avoid extracting as many as eight teeth by stretching her palate. She has to wear the appliance for eight months before she can have braces on her upper teeth.

A couple nights before her appointment the orthodontist called wanting to see our youngest for new X-Rays, even though he did scans and models just a few weeks back. He is the doctor on our cleft team who's in charge of deciding when to start expansions and stuff for our son's bone graft, and he's having a tough time. Several permanent teeth are in the wrong places and the thinking right now is our youngest may have to go into braces on his baby teeth to push them out of the way so the permanent teeth can drop into the correct spots.

It might be easier as far as cooking if they were both in braces. Our daughter can't chew anything or suck because of her appliance and I am racking my brains for liquid recipes the whole family can enjoy so I don't have to cook extra suppers for her! I guess it's good practice, since our youngest will have to be on a liquid diet for several weeks before and after his bone graft surgery.

On the crafty front, I have been stocking a lot more doll making and repair supplies lately, since they are selling better than restored dolls right now. I several "blank" dolls in my Etsy shop for you to finish if you want to make a custom doll without making the doll herself. Those are nude Madame Alexander dolls to dress. My sister sent me a big box of alpaca roving for my birthday and I am itching to do some felting, so keep watch for those new creations. I'd better get them done before June, since we will barely be home all month!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cathy's Eyes

Today I received a package, a Chatty Cathy head from one of my regular customers. My client wanted me to replace the eyes in her Chatty Cathy doll after she ordered eyes a size too small. She sent a photo of a metal piece that originally came attached to Cathy's eyes, but the eyes themselves were broken so I couldn't see them.

Cleaning the doll
I told her I've never worked on Chatty Cathy before, but said I was willing to try to help her. I started he way I start all my restorations, with cleaning. I like to get the doll's face nice and clean before inserting eyes so the new eyes aren't spoiled by cleaning.

Heating the head
My client wanted me to replace the eyes using the heat method, even though it seems like she is much more accomplished at that technique than I. The heat method requires you to heat the head with a hair dryer or something and pop the old eyes out of the head. Then you pop new eyes into the head. My client advised rubbing petroleum jelly on the new eyes to put them in. Well, I tried it. I heated the head and lubricated the new eyes. Then I tried to push the new eyes in. The only size I could get into the socket was a 10mm and it was way too small. The 18 inch Chatty Cathy requires a 14mm eye, but the eye socket is too wide and shallow for that size. When I tried to insert the eyes I broke the first one and bruised my hand. I took the photo immediately after it happened; now my palm has a much darker bruise.

Two examples of why I don't use the heat method.

In order to remove the broken eye I had to cut the back of the eye socket. This is how I usually insert eyes anyway, so I went ahead and inserted 14mm eyes from the inside. The 14mm eyes are all right, though not a perfect fit. Cathy obviously had originally come with almond-shaped eyes connected with a metal nose bridge. The Margon eyes are a bit too round and quite a bit too tall for the Cathy eye sockets. If you have a Cathy to repair I suggest you try to find a junk doll with decent eyes you can harvest to repair your doll. Barring that, you can use the 14mm Margon eyes but you will have to cut the eye pockets inside the head open. Then you will have to heat the inside of the head with a hair dryer and pull the vinyl pocket edges out of the way. Pop the eyes in and draw the vinyl pocket flaps over the eyes as far as possible. The eyes are too tall to be covered completely. Glue the flaps of the vinyl pockets back down over the backs of the eyes with thick glue like Aleene's Tacky Glue or acrylic modeling paste. Acrylic modeling paste is available in art supply stores.

You can order eye replacement kits from my eBay and Etsy shops. I don't have all sizes listed, but I have eyes in size 6mm to 27mm available in brown, blue or green. Just send a message to to let me know which you would like or to request help with measuring.

I have had several questions about Chatty Cathy dolls and this is the first one I've ever restored, so I am happy to finally be able to answer questions accurately! This doll id heading back to her owner, but I have many beautiful dolls already restored in my shops. Link from to all my stores.

Cathy's new eyes

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

You're My Favorite Notification!

The Atelier Mandaline newsletter is live! Sign up today on my website and I will send you a welcome message with exclusive coupon codes for my eBay and Etsy stores. You can expect to receive my emails every 7-14 days. They will alert you to new products and product lines, announce upcoming projects, and let you know of all the promotions and sales I'm offering across my network of shops. The Atelier Mandaline newsletter is the most convenient way to stay in touch with me, as it comes straight to your inbox! *You may need to check your Promotions or Junk folder if you don't see it within 24 hours of signing up.

In addition to my subscriber's bonuses, I'm offering a new way to earn sale and discount codes: a treasure hunt! I am running my first Ad Words campaign to advertise my new website. If you come across my Atelier Mandaline ad "in the wild" send me a screenshot or a description of where and when you saw it and I will send you another set of discount coupons!

As my eBay newsletter subscribers know, I will certainly not spam you with a bunch of emails. In fact, I can be rather lax in my newsletter writing! Unlike my eBay store newsletter, this one pertains to all my shops and I am able to customize it with links. I will still write the eBay newsletter, if you are already a subscriber to that one, and it will contain the same information minus any links to my website or other shops.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tutorial: How to Be Mom's Favorite

Mother's Day is coming soon! Are you ready? I have the stores stocked with gifts for Mom. You might remember last year I worked hard setting up photo shoots with some rare vintage dolls. I used the resulting images to create exclusive cards, art prints, and tote bags which are perfect as gift bags so you can give a gift within a gift!

If you have a larger budget you can give Mom one of my restored vintage dolls. I have gorgeous and rare dolls from the 1930s through today. Each one is a unique collectible, perfect for your special doll-loving mother!

My "Notorious M.O.M." wine-themed bottles, tumblers, and "momogrammed" shirts take a few days to create so hurry to order those from Etsy in time. I can ship those in time for Mother's Day if you order by May 7th.

My Poshmark and eBay shops feature lots of new and vintage fashions, including some really hard-to-find pieces, like a vintage Tori Amos concert tee and an absolutely gorgeous 1960s necklace and earrings set. Mom will look so mod in those!

The best part is, all my stuff for Mom is on sale! You can make offers for my Poshmark pieces. The eBay shop has sales storewide, with an extra 10% off Mom-loved categories. Use code: MAMALOVE for 15% off any order from my Etsy shop. Link to all my shops from my website. You'll be the best kid for sure when you give Mom a one-of-a-kind piece!

If you're a mom worried you might get a sweet but not-so-sexy macaroni necklace for your day you can shop these sales for yourself. I won't tell anyone! Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Terrific Toni

Toni by Ideal
Some months back I got a big lot of dolls needing restoration. Then, my kids outgrew all their clothes and some of my sisters dropped off huge lots of baby clothes of their own to sell on consignment and my special needs son had a medical crisis that lasted for a few months, and the doll lot was thrown in my office. I didn't forget the dolls; I just didn't have time to restore them. Well, today the kids went back to school after Spring Break and I got to work on a Toni doll from the lot.

Toni's face was faded.
Actually, I got to work over Spring Break. Toni had her hair done at some point, but she needed re-stringing and her hair smelled musty and felt frizzy. Her face was really faded as well, much lighter than her body, and she had a big chunk out of the paint on her neck. I restrung her with new cord, washed her and washed and set her hair. Then I painted her face. I just did a wash of oil paint to brighten her complexion and blushed her cheeks. Her eyebrows were faded and one was almost gone, so I traced over those. Then I washed over a few uneven spots and scuffs on her neck and body. And... then it started to rain. And rain and rain and rain and rain. Over the whole week of Spring Break we have had two sunny days while we were home (we visited my parents for Easter) and we made good use of those kayaking and swimming and gardening. In fact, I even worked in the yard for two hours in the pouring rain because I wanted to move some plants and didn't want them to get shocked like they do in the heat. We went from temperatures near 90 over the weekend to cold, wet 50s and low 60s this week. We actually have our fire on! And it's still raining.

Toni has unfortunately not enjoyed the weather. It took forever for her paint to dry and a couple spots in her joints and on her legs where she sits down already scraped off again. Her face is still perfect, however, as are all the parts of her body that show when she is dressed. Her eyeshadow, painted lashes and real lashes are all original.

Toni has her hair set.

Touching up her paint

The finished face

The finished doll

There is typical scraping to her joints and the backs of her legs.

Today after the kids got on the bus I looked in my stash for clothes to fit her. I have quite a few pieces but decided on one red and gold dress. The red dress originally belonged to a Barry Baby doll, a very rare doll meant to compete with Toni and similar dolls.

I sold Barry Baby a few years ago without her red dress (she came with a huge trunk of clothes) because the red dress had side panels that either were cut or had disintegrated. I don't have an exact match for the fabric so I made large darts on either side to repair the panels. That made the dress too small for Barry Baby. It's snug, but it does fit Toni well.

Toni in her outfit

I added the buttons and chain.

The shoes are by Fairyland.
I added a flower button and brass buttons and chain to the dress to hide repairs. The buttons are from the same era as the dress and doll so they are a good fit. Toni also wears the undies and socks she arrived in as well as red plastic Fairyland shoes and a flocked hair ribbon. The dress is the same style as those worn by many Toni dolls, as are the shoes, so she looks entirely authentic.

The hair is really pretty long.

Toni's honey blond nylon wig saw a lot of styling. This is to be expected, as Toni dolls were named for the home perm kits and came with a "perm" solution of sugar water and curlers in miniature. This doll looks like someone might have curled her hair on a curling iron instead of waiting patiently for the perm to take. Toni has a frizzy ends and lots of breakage. I gave her a hot water set and then pinned her curls up to hide the fuzzy ends. Her hair is still quite long if you take it out of the pins. The pinned style lends a lot of body and volume to the wig, and I love the vintage look.

Toni's hairstyle

Toni turned out beautifully. She poses well, her hair is still easy to style, and her ice blue eyes work perfectly. Toni dolls have such lovely faces and they aren't really easy to come across for a reasonable price, especially if they are dressed and have been restored. My Toni is up for auction with a very fair starting bid in my eBay store. Link to that store and all my shops from the website for a huge selection of restored dolls, blank dolls, doll clothes, and repair parts and kits.

After just one day back at school both my boys suddenly fell ill with a stomach bug around 7:30 tonight, so there's no telling if I will get a chance to finish the other dolls from the box anytime soon. My immune system is apparently on the fritz (and no wonder with our insane weather lately) and I caught the last two stomach viruses they had. I am just praying I will weather this one without getting sick again. To that end, I am planning on heading to bed momentarily. If I and the boys wake up well I plan to make a big push to finish listing all the dolls and kids' clothes I have piled all over the house so I can get things back to normal. Pray for us. please!