Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ginny Gets Hitched

A Vogue Ginny dress from 1955.

Fairly long ago now I bought a lot of small dolls from the estate of a collector. There were Ginny dolls and Betsy McCall dolls and there was one Vogue Jill wearing a Vogue tagged lace dress. It would have been a valuable collection were it not absolutely filthy. When I say filthy I mean, it looked as though the dolls had been buried or something. They were that dirty. I cleaned them up the best I could and sold all but the Jill doll and her dress. They were so far gone as to seem nearly impossible to restore so I set them aside for a while. Finally, I came across the dress again and decided to either get it clean or sell it for use as a pattern. I washed it, and washed it, and washed it, and washed it... I can't even remember how many times this dress was washed! Eventually I got it as clean as I think it's going to get. It's a cream color now rather than white.

A photo of the dress from my Ginny book.
I could tell the dress, though faintly marked with a Vogue Medford tag, wasn't originally for Jill because she was crammed into it and the hook and eye closure in back didn't fasten. The Medford Vogue tag, from the Medford, Massachusetts factory, was only used from 1954-1956 so I knew where to look to research the dress. Sure enough, I found a big photo in my Vogue dolls book showing the dress is Bridal Trousseau #64 from 1955. Originally there would have been a spray of sweet peas adorning the waist and a veil was included.

I restored the dress with pearl beading.

The original eyelet hem

The tag is barely legible.

I beaded over stains I couldn't remove.

Vogue was known for the high quality of their doll clothing and this dress is no exception. The taffeta and lace held up amazingly well to my ministrations. The hem in the taffeta underskirt is finished with an eyelet band. I tried to keep the attention to detail high with my restoration. I hand-beaded over stains I couldn't remove on the skirt and sleeves and then beaded corresponding accents on the opposite side to make it look decorative and intentional. I finished the entire neckline, front and back, with seed pearls (faux, of course) and accented the waist and hem with a combination of seed and round pearls. The sleeves have round pearl medallions. I made a tulle and satin ribbon veil and decorated that with faux flowers and pearls and made a tiny bouquet for Ginny to hold. All the materials I used, including the beads, are vintage so they have the appropriate look and feel. All the washing shortened the hem a tiny bit, so this ensemble would be a cute bridal or First Communion outfit for your doll.

I have a wide assortment of clothing for small dolls like, Ginny, Muffie, Penny Brite, and Betsy McCall, in my shops on eBay and Etsy right now, so I do hope you'll check. Remember to use the code MAMALOVE for 15% off any order from my Etsy shop through May 1, 2016.

The dress is cute for wedding or First Communion.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Every Last Drop

Ingredients for making cleaning fluid

As you know, if you use essential oils, you end up becoming addicted to them and you use up a LOT of oils! Of course you want to save the little bottles for sharing samples or mixing up your own oil blends or for splitting a large bottle so you can take a smaller one with you for travel... the uses are endless! If you're going to re-use a bottle you want to make sure every bit of scent has been removed and you also want to make sure you get every last bit of oil out of the bottle.

Essential oils are really strong, so even the residue coating the inside of a bottle can be useful. I make use of these two ways. First, I layer Epsom salts in a jar with empty oil bottles mixed in. The scent of the oils transfers quickly to the salt, so in about two weeks I have scented Epsom salts which I use as bath salts. Then after I take the bottles out of the salt they can be used again. The second time I submerge the bottles in either isopropyl alcohol or white vinegar and leave them in a closed jar for about three weeks. At the end of this time the oils' scents will have transferred to the liquid and the bottle labels will be loose and easy to remove as well. The alcohol or vinegar scents won't be as strong either. When the scent has transferred I pour the jar of liquid and oil bottles into an empty Young Living Thieves Cleaner bottle using a funnel to catch the bottles. Go slowly during this step. The resulting liquid, about 8 ounces or so, is my concentrate, NOT my finished cleaner.

This time I'm using vinegar as a base.

I prefer the vinegar cleaner, especially for my wood floors, but the rest of the family likes the alcohol. Which you use depends on your preference and also what surfaces you will clean. Alcohol is especially effective on porcelain sinks and tubs and chrome and anything else that has a shiny surface. Vinegar is great for hardwood floors and wooden tabletops but it tends to leave a dull residue on shiny surfaces like granite. After you pour the concentrate into your bottle then top it off with water. I use 8 ounces of concentrate in a 14.4 ounce bottle topped off with water, so not quite a 50/50 mixture of water and concentrate. Then I turn the bottle upside down and rightside up a few times to mix.

I re-use an empty bottle.
Smell the mixture when you've finished mixing it and decide if it has enough scent for you. If you want a stronger scent I recommend adding about 10 drops each (for this size bottle) Young Living Thieves and Lemon or Purification essential oils. I've read posts where people say if you use lemon oils you have to use a glass jar. While it is true citrus oils will degrade plastic I have not had trouble using Young Living's empty bottles, which are after all how they package their cleaner with lemon oil. Just be aware, however, some people prefer glass jars for storage.

My cleaner is a concentrate, just like Young Living's, even after it's mixed. I sometimes use it straight on really dirty surfaces but I usually dilute it quite a bit. If I am mopping the floor for instance, I will use only about a capful of concentrate in a 1/4 full bucket of water. I absolutely adore Young Living's cleaner, but let's face it, even with the wholesale discount from my Young Living Membership it's expensive, and I have all these oils to use to the last drop! So I buy theirs when I can and use mine the rest of the time. Since it seems like I'm always cleaning, I go through a lot of cleaner! As always, for more recipes and tips, make sure to "like" my Naturally Amanda Facebook page and keep reading the blog!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mandaline, Worldwide?

Yesterday I got some exciting news. Actually, several exciting things have happened lately. First of all, I'm sitting outside in the beautiful weather writing my blog today. I am able to do this thanks to the fact that I'm writing on my NEW computer, finally. Those of you who've followed this blog for a while will probably remember the incident of the computer fiasco, wherein our puppy, while chasing our cat, knocked my computer off the table and broke it. It's been limping along but I wasn't sure how much longer it would last. This is the same puppy who more recently ate my daughter's eyeglasses. She's still wearing the chewed glasses; we haven't even gotten to pricing that out yet.

As far as the new computer, we weren't able to afford the Mac I really wanted so we went with an HP touchscreen, middle of the road in terms of price, and so far it's great. The old laptop hasn't worked without being plugged in for years and I'm really enjoying having a truly portable laptop again. The touchscreen is awesome, too.

So, I'm sitting outside in the glorious spring weather listening to the bat guy crawling around on the roof... What's that, you ask? The bat guy? Why yes, we do have a bat guy (actually an animal control specialist for all kinds of wildlife) on our roof relocating the two colonies of bats now infesting our attic gable vents. Bats are protected, so they have to be removed within the next two weeks before they start breeding or we will have to wait until October. Last year our neighbors had this done and it cost $1100, so my husband thought he would try to do it himself. However, one of the gables requires a 40 foot ladder and the entire roof has to be sealed, so finally he decided to call the guy, only to find now the price has gone up to $2000! So, our daughter's glasses will have to wait a little longer.

Thankfully, yesterday I got a message from The Dolls' House magazine in the UK asking if they could feature one of my pieces in the August issue of their magazine. They want to show my Penny Brite diner dress, which went with the 1963 Penny Brite kitchen or dinette set, in their shopping pages. Naturally, I said yes! It's so exciting to know I'll be reaching a whole new audience. The issue will be released on July 7th, 2016. I hope you'll pick up a copy to see my UK debut! Their website is

The Penny Brite diner dress

I have a whole collection of Penny Brite clothes in my shops right now, both on eBay and Etsy. I even have the tagged original dress for the Penny Brite doll. The Penny Brite doll was marked "Elizabeth, New Jersey" on her back, with the Elizabeth in larger letters and on a line by itself, so many people call her the Penny Brite Elizabeth doll. She is a slim-bodied 8 inch doll who can share clothing with Skipper. Pepper, and tiny Betsy McCall, so her clothes are popular for use with all those gals. Through May 1st I have a Mother's Day sale going on in the Etsy shop: use the code MAMALOVE at checkout and get 15% off everything in the store! I'll probably hold some kind of bat removal sale in the eBay store as well, and of course I'll announce that here and on the Atelier Mandaline Facebook page when I have it set up.

Etsy Coupon Code

Friday, April 15, 2016

Like Me On Facebook!

A screen shot of my new page (the link won't work).

Today is another big day for Atelier Mandaline! I have a new Facebook page! I've resisted for years, because I felt like having to keep up two stores and a blog and a Pinterest page and Instagram account and my Naturally Amanda essential oils page on Facebook was plenty! However, now that Facebook has added a shopping capability it will be easier for me to post products all in one place and on a site people are already visiting. It's also gotten increasingly difficult to post links to my blog here on Blogger. For some reason the HTML links aren't going live on the sidebar like they used to. The sidebar has gotten really cluttered with links as well and it looks messy and confusing. I've noticed a lot of other bugs in the Blogger software recently and it's been ages since they did an update. It makes me worry Google is going to phase Blogger out, and then where will I be? So, I hope you'll stop by and like my page. You'll be able to follow new developments here on the blog as well as on Etsy and eBay and, in the near future, my Facebook branch.

Etsy has a new partnership with Pattern that allows shop owners to create a freestanding web site and I've been considering creating a stand-alone web site for Atelier Mandaline. I just don't know if the cost is justified or if the free web sites will have the capability I need. What do you think? Please comment or message me at and give me your opinion. Would you be more likely to shop from a freestanding retail web site than from a platform such as Etsy or eBay or Facebook?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Help a Mama Out!

So, I need your help. First of all, my daughter, who as you might remember, wore size 7/8s at the beginning of the year, just won't stop growing! About a month ago we took her to a big consignment sale and bought her a huge load of size 10s and she outgrew them two weeks later! She is currently wearing a size 14. This has put a big old dent in the bank account!
Besides that little issue, I have a deep desire. Like a fool I continue to follow our adoption agency on social media. Right now they are advertising for families to host orphans for the summer who are considered unlikely to be adopted. This gives the kids a chance to have experiences they may never have otherwise and allows families to see their medical issues aren't as hard to deal with as they thought. Well, I glanced at a page of little faces and one little face jumped out. It was as though I recognized one little girl! I have no doubt I am supposed to help this girl. Trouble is, other than the fact that the hubby is not on board much at all, summer hosting costs $3000. And, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna' want to keep her, which will cost significantly more.

As most of you know, we have adopted children before, and the experience continually amazes me. I have no doubt my children are all meant to be mine, and I knew with absolute certainty when it was time to submit paperwork and start the process. In this case, I feel almost as if I'm being moved against my will. I have long wished for another baby. I feel like I've put my time in correcting special needs and dreamed of a healthy child who wouldn't need any therapies. We are too old to get an infant from China, our kids are all growing up and giving me time to focus on building a real business, not just a little side job for "pin money" so I had basically given up on another adoption. I also felt during our other adoptions I had a sense of exact purpose and urgency I've been lacking. I've been flopping back and forth between wanting another child and not wanting one for about three years. I felt the fact I couldn't make up my mind meant we just weren't supposed to adopt again.
The little girl I'm considering has significant medical issues. She's older and has spent her life institutionalized, so her transition won't be easy. We would all have to learn Chinese ridiculously fast. And yet, I can't stop thinking about her. I can't stop seeing her little face. It's like I'm being prodded with a hot poker toward something I never wanted or thought I was capable of handling, and yet it's all I want. Isn't that the way of God? Our calling is never easy and often not smooth, but the rewards are a thousand times worthwhile.
I'm not the only one feeling this message. My sensitive littlest son, who can "hear church" in his head, came home from school yesterday and asked, "Are we going to get my sister?". Tears came to my eyes!

So please, help a mama out! To facilitate that, I have over 100 listings in the Baby and Children's sections of my eBay store on sale starting later this afternoon until Sunday night. I hope you can find something your little ones need! I also have a coupon code set up for 15% off anything in my Etsy store through Sunday night when you use the code MAMALOVE at checkout.

Please if you can, keep me in your thoughts and prayers and send good energy to this sweet little girl. My fingers are crossed I'll find a way to afford to host her and a way to talk the husband around. And if I can't I pray she finds a forever family to adopt her.

UPDATE: Well, naturally I wasn't able to get my husband to agree to this adventure. Luckily I found out today a different family claimed the little girl I was interested in. I'm very happy for her and hope she has a wonderful life with her new family. It is far better she go to a home where both parents want her and are able to see eye to eye. I am still going to let these sales run through Sunday, however, since I do need to offset the cost of all my daughter's new clothes. Thank you so much for viewing my stores!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mother to Mother Part 3

American Character Petite Sally

This week I finished my second restoration for my client, Nancy, whose Shirley Temple doll I recently repaired. This time I worked on her American Character Petite Sally doll. Both dolls belonged to her mother, and her mother estimates the Sally doll to have been produced in 1931. I don't know anything about the history of this particular doll. My doll books don't go back that far. The doll is just marked "Petite" on the back of her head. She is not a very petite doll; she's about 23 inches tall, so I wonder if Petite was a doll company purchased by American Character. Sally is a composition and cloth body doll with disk joints. She has tin sleep eyes and a human hair wig.

The doll before restoration

She had crazing.

Her hair had been cut.

When Sally arrived her main problem was a large crack in the composition on the side of her neck. I forgot to take a picture of it before I repaired it, but you can see it partially done in my Etsy shop video. Besides that her composition had areas of deep cracking, especially on her face. At some point it looks like a craze concealer was used, and that had started to yellow or to turn black in the cracks. Nancy's mother cropped Sally's hair super short in the back and someone glued orange fake fiber to the cuts. Nancy removed the orange hair. Sally's eye's also squeak when they open and close. I can't really do anything about that because it would require oiling the eyes. Oiling doll eyes with a drop of sewing machine oil used to be a common repair tactic but now there are reports the oil degrades the composition over time, so the eyes will just have to continue to squeak because I didn't want to risk hurting Sally's head. Sally has a non-factory dimple in one cheek, but Nancy didn't want me to repair that since she doesn't plan to sell the doll and feels the dent is part of Sally's provenance.

The cracked neck, partially repaired

Some crazed and yellowed areas required a repaint.

I repaired Sally's neck with epoxy and then applied oil paint as a craze concealer. On one arm and around the eyes and on the forehead I had a lot of trouble with the process. Usually you wipe the oil paint over the crazing and it sinks into the cracks and seals them. In those trouble spots the paint wouldn't sink in. I believe whatever medium was used in the past was blocking the paint from getting in. Those areas required thicker re-painting. I never got the forehead paint quite as smooth as I like, but I showed it to everyone else in the family and no one could even see what I was talking about so I guess it's OK. I have to be careful to avoid doing too much to a doll. I wanted to preserve the original eyebrows and the few painted lashes that remained. When the paint was dry I sealed it with acrylic gloss varnish. My husband found a brush-on varnish slightly better than the one I had but it still isn't great. It's really hard to work with. I may have to break down and buy an airbrush for painting and sealing.

The face and neck after repair

I have a big box of various kinds of hair up in my office. It's weird, I know, but often necessary for doll repair. One time when my daughter and I were going to donate hair mine wasn't really long enough after we cut it so I just stuck my pony tail into a baggie and saved it with my other hair. It's a good thing I did because my hair was the only one the right shade. It's exactly the same color as Sally's! I sewed a weft into the edges of the hair and then glued it to the wig cap. Please note, I know I tell you to always use water-soluble glue on wigs, but in this case I did not. I wanted the new hair to stay attached to the wig cap even if the wig had to be soaked off, so I used super glue and kept it off the composition. When the glue was dry I curled the new hair with a curling iron (ONLY ever use heated irons on human hair wigs) so it would match the original wig's style.

Adding hair to a wig
Now that Sally's all repaired she's traveling home where Nancy will make her a reproduction outfit. I am really proud to have been chosen to preserve another heirloom for that family! I hope she sees another few generations of play. Sally looks pretty good for an 85 year old!

The doll after restoration

The repaired neck

The face after touch up paint

The restored wig

Sally goes home.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lovely Lori Ann

Lori Ann by Nancy Ann

In 1959 the Nancy Ann company announced a new doll in their product line. She was named "Lori Ann" and made entirely of a new material: "vynal" which they said made her "just like a real live little girl". Lori Ann dolls use the Muffie face mold of the late 1950s, a pug-nosed face with very large round eyes. This face seems (to me) to be an exact copy of Cosmopolitan's Ginger faces of later years. Cosmopolitan sold that Ginger mold and dolls were produced in all price ranges all over the place using that "big eyes" face. Nancy Ann, perhaps feeling she was losing out on Ginger's widespread appeal, started producing Muffie dolls with their regular hard plastic bodies but with the vinyl head seen on the doll above. Maybe regretting changing Muffie's whole look to such an extent, she then began producing the all-vinyl jointed Lori Ann.

Lori Ann debuted right at the end of Nancy Ann's life. Nancy Ann found she had inoperable cancer and passed away in 1964. Although she preferred to ignore the diagnosis and worked right up to the end, Nancy Ann did allow her company to become somewhat inconsistent during that time. Already Lori Ann doll clothing was mostly not up to the high standards of earlier years. Competition with the new Barbie dolls had all the older doll companies searching for ways to cut costs and modernize their offerings. Lori Ann dresses typically close with one doughnut snap and have skirts that are open all the way to the hem. Lori Ann dolls are found with all sorts of markings and even some earlier hard plastic Muffie dolls have been found in boxes marked "Lori Ann" and with Lori Ann tags. After Nancy Ann's death her company was subject to an ownership dispute between her mother and lover and ended up being sold off piecemeal after bankruptcy, so small doll companies bought doll parts and combined them into new dolls which they sold as "Lori Ann" or under their own names.

Therefore, Lori Ann dolls are extremely hard to find today. Nancy Ann produced them only until 1961, it is believed, although even that isn't verified conclusively. I can tell you they're rare because in all my years of doll restoration I've only ever had one other Lori Ann come through the shop. Lori Ann dolls with verified markings and original clothes and boxes sell for hundreds of dollars, and even mint outfits command $100 or more without the doll.

Lori Ann before re-wigging

The doll with a new wig

I verified the doll came with a long flip variation.

Sadly, my Lori Ann doll came to me neither with clothing or condition anywhere near mint. Her lip paint was rubbed and had seeped into her skin around her mouth, staining it red, and her hair was a fried mess. Someone tried to cut the damaged ends off, making her hair look even worse. I treated the mouth staining with Removezit and sunshine, repainted her lips, and gave Lori Ann a new wig. I didn't have any size 4/5 wigs, so Lori got a slightly large 7/8. This was originally styled in long corkscrew curls. I looked in my Nancy Ann book at the long flip hairstyles some Lori Anns originally had and cut and styled the new wig to match. All in all, I think Lori Ann turned out very well. Unless you study her to verify she has a wig you might think she retained her original condition, which is what I strive to restore.

The doll after restoration

The doll is marked on her back.

The doll's head is also marked.

This Lori Ann doll must have been one of the very first issued because she's extremely well-marked. Most Lori Anns have minimal markings. Some have unreadable marks on their heads and a scratched-off logo on their backs. Those dolls are typically just marked 8-5 above their bottoms. I've never seen another doll for sale with Nancy Ann markings clearly readable on the head and back, so I'm confident this Lori Ann was part of the first issue, before Nancy Ann fell ill and let her company decline into disorganization.

A handmade full slip

The slip can be used as a dress.

Lori Ann came in the lot of dolls and clothes that included the sister dolls and clothing which were made so amazingly well. I feature some of these in my Margie's Baby Sister post. I chose a larger dress and slip out of that lot for Lori Ann. Obviously many of the dresses were made for her since she was packed up with them. I just can't get over the incredible skill of the seamstress who produced these clothes! I honestly know I couldn't do it myself. The full slip Lori wears is embellished with drawn thread embroidery and rows of pin tucks. It's pretty enough to wear alone as a dress, so you're really getting two outfits in one with this doll!

Lori Ann's dress is handmade.

Her shoes are new.

I treated the pinhole in the panties so it won't expand.

The dress I chose for Lori Ann is a lovely summer number. The fabric is high-quality even for the time, real dotted Swiss with actual embroidered dots, not flocked dots! The full skirt is festooned with tiers of lace and a lace trimmed ruffle creates the neck and sleeves. A separate sash accents the waist. Every bit of the sewing was done expertly by hand. For me this is an unheard of level of skill! I tagged Lori Ann with my own signed tag and gave her a new hair net, so she's ready to go. What a perfect gift for your favorite Nancy Ann collector, or for yourself! You can find Lori Ann and many other dolls in my Etsy and eBay stores, so please check. Incidentally, if you subscribe to my eBay store newsletter, I apologize for the delay in delivery. I've actually been trying to send this week's message for four days and it's not working for some reason. My daughter jumped up to size 14 clothes in  two week period, so the eBay store is full of her outgrown clothes and shoes!

Monday, April 4, 2016

A Happy Medium

Anti-Viral Blend

A few weeks ago a new mother asked my oils forum if she should give her 4 month old baby Tamiflu as prescribed by the doctor. I got in a bit of an argument with another mother who said she is a nurse and would recommend Tamiflu. I said she should talk to her doctor but I, personally, would not give a child that drug because of our past experience with it but if she did give it she should watch closely for changes in condition and discontinue it if she saw any.

When my oldest son was in preschool he caught the flu and was prescribed Tamiflu. It was a new drug and I gave it to him without worrying about it. Immediately his condition worsened. He had ridiculously high fever spikes and hallucinations. I took him back to the doctor three times and told them I thought the drug was making him sicker. The doctor and staff acted like I was nuts. However, now that drug has a black box warning for the very reactions I noticed: high fevers and hallucinations, especially in children. In my son's case, the flu went from being a regular illness to one that I was truly worried might kill him. He ended up with a secondary infection of bacterial pneumonia, which I remain convinced was able to take hold due to his body having been weakened from fighting the bad reaction to the drug he took. The drug I gave him. Thankfully, he recovered, but I've never been able to shake my guilt. I was a young mother but I should have trusted myself and my instincts and taken him off the Tamiflu the minute he showed signs of a bad reaction. I did at least find a different pediatrician after that.

I don't know what the lady with the baby ended up doing, but the whole thing made me wonder if I could create an oil blend to help the body fight off viruses. Let's all remember, incidentally, that I am not a doctor or nurse or anything of the sort. You need to consult your own doctor for medical advice pertaining to you. Since we know my child can't have antiviral drugs, however, I thought I'd try oils. Right now I'm testing this blend on myself: 10 drops each marjoram, ravinsara, eucalyptus blue, and mountain savory topped off with 5ml flaxseed oil applied over my kidneys and down the sides of my neck each morning and on the soles of my feet every night.

I just finished reading The Medical Medium by Anthony William. Anthony is also not a doctor. He is in fact, a person who hears a voice he calls "Spirit" in his head and gets "readings" on others' medical conditions. So, this book may be too far out there for most of you. I bought the book because I read a chapter on EPV online. EPV (Epstein-Barr Virus) is what causes mono. Anthony, however, believes the disease is much larger than that and that mono is only an early stage in the progression. He believes EPV is the real cause of many mystery illnesses mostly suffered by women, like fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. Just another reminder:  I am not involved in any way with the writing or production or any aspect of the Medical Medium book or classes or podcasts and I've never met Anthony William; I am just someone who read the book. I chose oils to help support my use of the Medical Medium plan completely independently and these oils are not authorized by Anthony William or anyone else for use with the plan.

Something happened to me when I got pregnant with my oldest son. First of all I was really sick and had a rash all over my body before I knew I was pregnant. When I was tested during pregnancy the doctor told me I was a Group B Strep carrier, which I'd never heard of before. She couldn't tell me how or why I contracted that, however. The pregnancy was hard, but the aftermath was worse, and I've never been the same. At the time I had a constellation of mysterious "women's" issues no one could figure out. Since that time I struggle all the time with fatigue and weight gain. My immune system is weak and I contracted shingles when I was only 25. When I read Anthony's description of the later stages of EPV I was stunned; it sounded exactly like the progression I went through during and after pregnancy. He believes shingles and Strep are both co-factors of EPV. Since my son was born (17 years ago) I can't even tell you how many different doctors I've seen and the only thing anyone has ever found is a vitamin D deficiency. So, even though it's weird I figure it can't hurt to follow the Medical Medium diet (raw vegan) and try some essential oils. I'll let you know how this antiviral blend works.

UPDATE: I just mixed up my second 15 ml bottle of what I call my EPV blend oils, after about a month and a half of use. In addition to the recipe above I am now also adding 10 drops each Young Living's ImmuPower, Endoflex, and JuvaFlex to the mix and for my morning blend I am also adding 10 drops each Energee and Oola Fitness.

ImmuPower may support a healthy immune system, Endoflex is for endocrine support, and JuvaFlex is for lymphatic support. Energee and Fitness support energy levels. I've been pretty happy with the results of this plan. My health and fitness group started a series of challenges on May 1st and we have been doing increasing numbers of exercises each day. I was really worried I wouldn't be able to do all the reps, but actually as the month has progressed I've been keeping up and even besting ladies a decade younger than I. Yesterday I completed 80 sit-ups, 110 crunches, 48 leg raises, a 70 second plank, 25 burpees, and 125 squats! Then I did 15 minutes of rebounding and took a 2 mile walk. Over the weekend we laid sod, hauled 200 pounds of sand in 50 pound sand bags to refill the sand box, and planted and I wasn't even all that sore afterward. My energy levels and stamina  have improved on the plan even though I'm not great at the whole raw vegan thing. During the day I do remain at least mostly vegan or vegetarian, though not always raw. I find the Young Living Ningxia Red drink to be supportive of my immune health and energy while I'm following the plan. So in summary, I think this is a good oil blend if you have any mystery symptoms and a good book to read and follow as well!

For more oils recipes and uses make sure to follow my Naturally Amanda Facebook page and to order oils visit my web site.