Monday, April 4, 2016

A Happy Medium

Anti-Viral Blend

A few weeks ago a new mother asked my oils forum if she should give her 4 month old baby Tamiflu as prescribed by the doctor. I got in a bit of an argument with another mother who said she is a nurse and would recommend Tamiflu. I said she should talk to her doctor but I, personally, would not give a child that drug because of our past experience with it but if she did give it she should watch closely for changes in condition and discontinue it if she saw any.

When my oldest son was in preschool he caught the flu and was prescribed Tamiflu. It was a new drug and I gave it to him without worrying about it. Immediately his condition worsened. He had ridiculously high fever spikes and hallucinations. I took him back to the doctor three times and told them I thought the drug was making him sicker. The doctor and staff acted like I was nuts. However, now that drug has a black box warning for the very reactions I noticed: high fevers and hallucinations, especially in children. In my son's case, the flu went from being a regular illness to one that I was truly worried might kill him. He ended up with a secondary infection of bacterial pneumonia, which I remain convinced was able to take hold due to his body having been weakened from fighting the bad reaction to the drug he took. The drug I gave him. Thankfully, he recovered, but I've never been able to shake my guilt. I was a young mother but I should have trusted myself and my instincts and taken him off the Tamiflu the minute he showed signs of a bad reaction. I did at least find a different pediatrician after that.

I don't know what the lady with the baby ended up doing, but the whole thing made me wonder if I could create an oil blend to help the body fight off viruses. Let's all remember, incidentally, that I am not a doctor or nurse or anything of the sort. You need to consult your own doctor for medical advice pertaining to you. Since we know my child can't have antiviral drugs, however, I thought I'd try oils. Right now I'm testing this blend on myself: 10 drops each marjoram, ravinsara, eucalyptus blue, and mountain savory topped off with 5ml flaxseed oil applied over my kidneys and down the sides of my neck each morning and on the soles of my feet every night.

I just finished reading The Medical Medium by Anthony William. Anthony is also not a doctor. He is in fact, a person who hears a voice he calls "Spirit" in his head and gets "readings" on others' medical conditions. So, this book may be too far out there for most of you. I bought the book because I read a chapter on EPV online. EPV (Epstein-Barr Virus) is what causes mono. Anthony, however, believes the disease is much larger than that and that mono is only an early stage in the progression. He believes EPV is the real cause of many mystery illnesses mostly suffered by women, like fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. Just another reminder:  I am not involved in any way with the writing or production or any aspect of the Medical Medium book or classes or podcasts and I've never met Anthony William; I am just someone who read the book. I chose oils to help support my use of the Medical Medium plan completely independently and these oils are not authorized by Anthony William or anyone else for use with the plan.

Something happened to me when I got pregnant with my oldest son. First of all I was really sick and had a rash all over my body before I knew I was pregnant. When I was tested during pregnancy the doctor told me I was a Group B Strep carrier, which I'd never heard of before. She couldn't tell me how or why I contracted that, however. The pregnancy was hard, but the aftermath was worse, and I've never been the same. At the time I had a constellation of mysterious "women's" issues no one could figure out. Since that time I struggle all the time with fatigue and weight gain. My immune system is weak and I contracted shingles when I was only 25. When I read Anthony's description of the later stages of EPV I was stunned; it sounded exactly like the progression I went through during and after pregnancy. He believes shingles and Strep are both co-factors of EPV. Since my son was born (17 years ago) I can't even tell you how many different doctors I've seen and the only thing anyone has ever found is a vitamin D deficiency. So, even though it's weird I figure it can't hurt to follow the Medical Medium diet (raw vegan) and try some essential oils. I'll let you know how this antiviral blend works.

UPDATE: I just mixed up my second 15 ml bottle of what I call my EPV blend oils, after about a month and a half of use. In addition to the recipe above I am now also adding 10 drops each Young Living's ImmuPower, Endoflex, and JuvaFlex to the mix and for my morning blend I am also adding 10 drops each Energee and Oola Fitness.

ImmuPower may support a healthy immune system, Endoflex is for endocrine support, and JuvaFlex is for lymphatic support. Energee and Fitness support energy levels. I've been pretty happy with the results of this plan. My health and fitness group started a series of challenges on May 1st and we have been doing increasing numbers of exercises each day. I was really worried I wouldn't be able to do all the reps, but actually as the month has progressed I've been keeping up and even besting ladies a decade younger than I. Yesterday I completed 80 sit-ups, 110 crunches, 48 leg raises, a 70 second plank, 25 burpees, and 125 squats! Then I did 15 minutes of rebounding and took a 2 mile walk. Over the weekend we laid sod, hauled 200 pounds of sand in 50 pound sand bags to refill the sand box, and planted and I wasn't even all that sore afterward. My energy levels and stamina  have improved on the plan even though I'm not great at the whole raw vegan thing. During the day I do remain at least mostly vegan or vegetarian, though not always raw. I find the Young Living Ningxia Red drink to be supportive of my immune health and energy while I'm following the plan. So in summary, I think this is a good oil blend if you have any mystery symptoms and a good book to read and follow as well!

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