Thursday, April 14, 2016

Help a Mama Out!

So, I need your help. First of all, my daughter, who as you might remember, wore size 7/8s at the beginning of the year, just won't stop growing! About a month ago we took her to a big consignment sale and bought her a huge load of size 10s and she outgrew them two weeks later! She is currently wearing a size 14. This has put a big old dent in the bank account!
Besides that little issue, I have a deep desire. Like a fool I continue to follow our adoption agency on social media. Right now they are advertising for families to host orphans for the summer who are considered unlikely to be adopted. This gives the kids a chance to have experiences they may never have otherwise and allows families to see their medical issues aren't as hard to deal with as they thought. Well, I glanced at a page of little faces and one little face jumped out. It was as though I recognized one little girl! I have no doubt I am supposed to help this girl. Trouble is, other than the fact that the hubby is not on board much at all, summer hosting costs $3000. And, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna' want to keep her, which will cost significantly more.

As most of you know, we have adopted children before, and the experience continually amazes me. I have no doubt my children are all meant to be mine, and I knew with absolute certainty when it was time to submit paperwork and start the process. In this case, I feel almost as if I'm being moved against my will. I have long wished for another baby. I feel like I've put my time in correcting special needs and dreamed of a healthy child who wouldn't need any therapies. We are too old to get an infant from China, our kids are all growing up and giving me time to focus on building a real business, not just a little side job for "pin money" so I had basically given up on another adoption. I also felt during our other adoptions I had a sense of exact purpose and urgency I've been lacking. I've been flopping back and forth between wanting another child and not wanting one for about three years. I felt the fact I couldn't make up my mind meant we just weren't supposed to adopt again.
The little girl I'm considering has significant medical issues. She's older and has spent her life institutionalized, so her transition won't be easy. We would all have to learn Chinese ridiculously fast. And yet, I can't stop thinking about her. I can't stop seeing her little face. It's like I'm being prodded with a hot poker toward something I never wanted or thought I was capable of handling, and yet it's all I want. Isn't that the way of God? Our calling is never easy and often not smooth, but the rewards are a thousand times worthwhile.
I'm not the only one feeling this message. My sensitive littlest son, who can "hear church" in his head, came home from school yesterday and asked, "Are we going to get my sister?". Tears came to my eyes!

So please, help a mama out! To facilitate that, I have over 100 listings in the Baby and Children's sections of my eBay store on sale starting later this afternoon until Sunday night. I hope you can find something your little ones need! I also have a coupon code set up for 15% off anything in my Etsy store through Sunday night when you use the code MAMALOVE at checkout.

Please if you can, keep me in your thoughts and prayers and send good energy to this sweet little girl. My fingers are crossed I'll find a way to afford to host her and a way to talk the husband around. And if I can't I pray she finds a forever family to adopt her.

UPDATE: Well, naturally I wasn't able to get my husband to agree to this adventure. Luckily I found out today a different family claimed the little girl I was interested in. I'm very happy for her and hope she has a wonderful life with her new family. It is far better she go to a home where both parents want her and are able to see eye to eye. I am still going to let these sales run through Sunday, however, since I do need to offset the cost of all my daughter's new clothes. Thank you so much for viewing my stores!

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