Thursday, June 22, 2017

Stock Up for Summer Sale!

Atelier Mandaline eBay is stocked with everything you and the kids need for summer! From swim wear to hot summer fashions to glow-in-the-dark toys, the more you buy the more you will save with my June/July sale offers. Pack your shopping cart to pack your suitcases for less! Head to to see all my summer offers in one place.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


I'm B-A-A-A-C-K! Atelier Mandaline has reopened! Celebrate with 10% off the eBay store and 20% off Etsy, Facebook, and Atelier Mandaline with code DADDYO. I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day weekend! Link to all the shops from

Monday, June 5, 2017

Hello, Sunshine!

This Friday my oldest will graduate from high school. I'm having some trouble processing it, and since he will be leaving early to go to college we have to have him ready to move into the dorm in just a couple weeks. So on Wednesday, June 7th I am closing all the shops for 10 days to celebrate and spend some last moments with three children still at home. This is only the second time I've taken a vacation with the shops closed in 16 years, and it's hard for me! To make up for the inconvenience I am offering discounts in all the stores through midnight Wednesday. Take an extra 10% off throughout the eBay store. Use the coupon code SUMMERY for 20% off the Atelier Mandaline website shopFacebook shop, and Etsy shop.

The past four years, since my son started high school and especially marching band, have gone by in a blur of effort and obligations and sleepless nights. Really, it's been even longer than that. I feel like I was holding an infant and blinked and he's all grown up! I can't believe it's already over! It seems as if I've been inside a whirlwind and now I've been dropped in some foreign country without any clue of where I am or how I arrived.

I know this is how things are supposed to be. It's the natural course of time. We are happy he's graduating and that he's so motivated to begin college that he's starting early. I'm just going to need a little time to get used to things. I hope you have a wonderful start to your summer and I will be back soon!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Love Your Laundry

Recently I came up with a brilliant idea, I thought, while washing our endless flood of laundry. Last year I got myself Young Living's wool dryer ball set that comes with a bottle of lavender essential oil. I love the way the lavender oil smells, and I really love the idea of replacing dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener. Several recent studies have shown products scented with synthetic chemical fragrances release carcinogens into our homes. Nearly 98% of air fresheners, whether sprays or plug-in units or whatever, contained known carcinogens. Laundry fragrances were even worse if they went into the dryer because of the products being exposed to heat. Lavender oil is pure and safe, and Young Living oils are the cream of the crop.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my dryer balls for the short time I owned them. All but one have disappeared. I couldn't figure out how this was happening until I caught our puppy sneaking one out of a laundry basket one day. Even though I have repeatedly warned everyone to pick up the dryer balls, each time someone else has "helped" me with the laundry another ball disappeared. So, I decided to make myself some more. But when I sat down to make them I wondered, why not have some fun with them? They don't have to just be balls; they can be cute. Besides that, I only had white ones before and I felt like they left white lint on my darks. I decided to make light and dark colored balls.

I made myself a narwhal and  what was supposed to be a bunny but which came out looking more like an Ewok. I tested them this weekend and they held up well. After four loads or so they're still adorable! I was going to call them "Dryer Dollies" since it's alliterative, but since they are animals rather than people the rest of my family thought "Dryer Pals" was better. 

Before Use

After Use
Before Use

After Use

Dryer Pals are a set of two wool needle-felted dryer balls shaped like animals, one light and one dark, and a 2-ml bottle of lavender essential oil. To use the Dryer Pals you add two or three drops of oil to each one for every four or five loads of laundry. The oil is not necessary but I really enjoy the scent. Wool dryer balls work by breaking the bond between electrons that makes fabric stick together; the fibers rubbing against the fabric separate the molecules. Essential oil adds fragrance to the laundry without leaving the grease spots typical fabric softeners use since the few drops of oil soak into the wool.  After making a whole bunch of my exclusive "invention" I got on Etsy so see what people are charging for regular dryer balls and found out several people are making them shaped like animals. So my "invention" isn't as unique as I thought! Luckily most of the others are not being made here in the USA and most are sheep, which crazy as it seems, didn't occur to me. I mostly made marine animals, I guess because the idea of laundry leads me to think of water.

Right now I have three sets of Dryer Pals listed on Etsy: one seal and manatee set, one narwhal and seal set, and one set of two bunnies. I will have more of these arriving in the Facebook and eBay shops and the Atelier Mandaline website later in the summer. These make a great gift for yourself or anyone who wants to implement a safe and all-natural home cleaning regimen.

The set of balls and essential oil

Light Narwhal

Manatee and Seal

Dark Narwhal

Beluga Whale

Bunnies Set

Seal and Narwhal set

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Customs For All

The past week and long weekend were all about custom pieces for me. I had a welcome and much-appreciated order for several pairs of my custom-color eyes. I hand-paint Margon moving "sleep" doll eyes in colors either not produced by the company or out of stock in a particular size. I could order lots of eyes in different colors and sizes from foreign wholesalers but I prefer the Margon eyes for several reasons. Margon patented the cased individual moving eyes in the 1930s. Before that, doll eyes were plastic or glass and moving eyes were wired together and attached to a metal clip or bar which was then attached to the inside of the doll's head. The eyes moved via a lead weight wired to them. Margon's invention allowed for a much smaller area inside the head to be devoted to moving eye attachment. Since Margon patented the moving eye, they are the brand used in most vintage dolls and I like to use them because I am usually replacing old eyes with new ones virtually identical to the originals. I also like to use Margon eyes because they are distributed by a US-based wholesaler and I prefer to support local companies. It's easier to talk to their representatives as well, since there isn't a huge time difference. I have a global enough business now that I am frequently up dealing with clients very late at night or extremely early in the morning. I love my international clients, but I appreciate sleep as well, more and more as the years go by!

I customize eyelids with "eyeshadow".

Dolls like Jacqueline Portraits had eyeshadow.

So, although I've seen wholesalers selling eyes in various colors and sizes I don't have, for the present I think I am going to stick with the Margon eyes. The very fact that I send these all over the world rather frequently leads me to believe they are a higher-quality eye than some of the cheaper wholesale eyes. Something I haven't seen anywhere are "eyeshadow" eyes, which is one of my custom styles. If you are restoring a Madame Alexander Portrait doll with the Jacqueline face, for example, you will realize the original eyes had painted "eyeshadow" on the eyelids. It wouldn't be a big deal to replace those eyes with plain ones except that the entire eyelid is painted blue to match. It really just doesn't look right to put plain eyes in one of those dolls, so I started producing my "eyeshadow" eyes with painted lids.

My "Spring Green" eye color in progress

Spring Green


Kelly Green

After a lot of requests from customers, I began making my custom color eyes by painting the irises. So far purple or violet is my most popular color, and after that green is a big hit. I have done several shades of green, from teal to spring green to Kelly Green. I also have dark aqua blue eyes ready to ship. The custom eyes can take up to a week to dry, so delivery time is typically about a week and a half to two weeks from the time of the order. Certain colors dry faster than others, for whatever reason, as do different brands of paint.

My custom bag mailers

Custom boxes

A bunch of Memorial Day orders shipped in my custom packages!

Once I'd finished the custom eyes I spent a lot of the weekend designing, printing, and cutting logo stickers to apply to my mailers to make custom packages. I am so excited about the way these look! I was thrilled to find pink bag mailers for clothes, but the boxes are cute, too. Next I hope to make a logo stamp for branding the boxes, which should be cheaper than using sticker paper. It makes me feel much more like a "real" business to have logo-branded packaging. I hope it will help people remember by store, too, since I sell on so many different platforms. 

This week I have been working on figuring out how to make "squishies". This is kind of a custom project; all these people were getting to my Etsy shop searching for "squishies." It's been my first and second most-searched term for months but I had no idea what squishies were. I figured, if so many people are trying to find them I'd better figure out how to make them! I spent most of Tuesday morning watching tutorials. This is quite frustrating, since almost all of them get finished and show a cute project, but then the artist says, "Well, after filming this fell apart." Honestly, why would you go to the trouble of making a tutorial if your method doesn't actually work? It just wastes everyone's time! I combined several techniques that appeared to work to make this cute squishy narwhal. Although adorable, now that it's drying it is developing several cracks, so it will be back to the drawing board for the squishies. If I come up with a workable technique I will post a tutorial that's actually helpful, and maybe even produce some kits!

You can find all the custom eyes shown ready to ship on eBay or order your own from Etsy or my website. Link to all my shops and now even place orders and request custom products at

Making a squishy narwhal

Friday, May 26, 2017

Welcome, Summer!

Although it's really still a few weeks away, the beginning of summer is traditionally marked by the Memorial Day weekend holiday. It's a somber remembrance to begin a season associated with happiness, but perhaps that is fitting. We can reflect in the midst of our joy on those who sacrificed themselves in order that we might have this freedom. 

I'm always hesitant to set up sales on occasions such as this, but it seems like it's so expected these days you almost have to do it. For one thing, many people have the only break they get to shop during the day and they expect discounts. For that reason I have coupon codes and sales set up for all my shops through midnight Monday. Use the code: SUMMER for 15% off this website and my Facebook shop. Take an additional 10% off my monthly sales throughout the eBay store. Take 15% off any Etsy order with the code REMEMBER. You can link to all these shops through

I hope you have a happy weekend of celebration and remembrance!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I Got Slimed!

If you have kids you've no doubt been introduced to the dual sensory trends sweeping schools right now: fidget spinners and slime. Our schools had to ban these items due to children playing when they should be paying attention and the toys getting lost. Plus, whenever something becomes this trendy all kinds of cheap copies pop up and those can be dangerous. I've seen both items selling for as little as $1 and have already heard reports of children choking on pieces of fidget spinners and all sorts of things. I worry especially about the cheapest versions, because I can tell you the slime, at least, is not inexpensive to make!

Sticky Slime Gel
My daughter is completely addicted to slime making and my son enjoys it as well. So far we are over $100 spent on supplies. It requires a lot of glue, which isn't all that cheap. Then there are the questionable recipes floating around. A really heavily-advertised recipe includes contact lens solution and baking soda. Don't try that one! My daughter tried it and liked it at first so she made several batches. Well, it turns out baking soda isn't a stable emulsifier. After a few hours all the liquid began to seep out of the slime, and even out of the plastic containers. The dye and baking soda got all over my white painted dining room furniture. It was a huge mess. The slime turned from supple to rock hard lumps. It was a an enormous waste of money and I feel like calling Elmer's Glue Company, who is circulating the recipe, and demanding they come repaint my furniture! That recipe isn't the only failure we've had; it was just the most spectacular failure.

Rose Gold Star Slime
Lucky for you, my daughter worked through several recipes in her extensive product-testing and came up with a few winners. She wanted to sell her slime and I agreed to stock it in my Etsy and eBay shops since she can't take it to school. If I can get rid of some of our overstock and help other parents save money and time buying it pre-made I'm happy to do it! We use recipes that include glue, Borax, and water, as well as add-ins like food coloring, glitter, and sequins. These aren't safe to eat, so I recommend them for older children. For a while my daughter was scenting them with essential oils but I thought that was too dangerous. It makes the slime smell like lemon or peppermint or other foods and I worried kids might want to taste it. I even had an adult ask if it was edible! Why you would look at this stuff and want to eat it I don't know, but if it has a chemical gluey smell I think that's best.

Frozen Slime

The kids spent the entire day making slime Sunday, since it was raining and they couldn't go outside. Literally from around noon until my daughter left for church at 6 they made batch after batch, so we are well-stocked! We have sticky slime and stiff therapy putty slime and gel slime. We have Galaxy Slime and Rose Gold Slime and three colors and two textures of Frozen Slime in containers printed with pictures of Olaf the Snowman. We even have the ONLY slime keychains on eBay and Etsy, so you can carry your slime with you! I made the keychains by hand. You can open them whenever you're feeling stressed and remove your slime to play with it. I have to say, I haven't ever considered slime putty for stress relief, but it is rather soothing to play with it or even just to watch videos of people squishing it. You can find our videos on Instagram @ateliermandaline so I hope you'll stop by and give us a follow. Our least expensive mini-egg slimes are nearly sold out already on eBay and Etsy so if you want the best selection please visit and link to my stores. The Etsy shop has the greatest selection at the moment. I have forbidden any more slime-making for now. We are out of containers, and with two band concerts and a banquet this week I haven't had time to pick up any more. Happy Squishing!

Atelier Mandaline's exclusive slime keychains

We have assorted colors ready to ship on eBay and Etsy.