Sunday, November 22, 2020

Thanksgiving Vacation Sale

Happy Thanksgiving! Atelier Mandaline is closed for vacation. Everything in my shops is on sale. You may purchase items but shipping will be suspended from 11/24-12/1. 

Just like everyone else, we are having a remote Thanksgiving celebration with only our immediate family. We hope and pray this will be the last holiday season we have to spend apart from loved ones. May you have a meaningful holiday, even with the Covid isolation.

In other news, my Doll University books arrived early! You may now order from Amazon and all my other shops. I will honor the pre-order sale on my website. Order my book for 50% off from through 11/30.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Atelier Mandaline Presents: A New Book Series

I'm so pleased to announce I am turning my Doll University book into a series! Coming soon, two books on making your own custom dolls. My Art Dolls book will show you how to make one-of-a-kind art dolls from existing dolls, no kiln or manufacturer required! My Pressed Felt Dolls book will show you how to create your own pressed felt dolls in the style of antique Lenci dolls as well as how to identify authentic Lenci dolls. These two books are partially-written. I would love to finish them in time for Christmas but I think that might be pretty optimistic, at least for the paperback versions! I will format them as both e-books and paperbacks. You can pre-order my Doll University book from my website or Etsy and you can download the e-book right now from my website. Both are on sale until November 30th! While you're shopping, why not sign up for my newsletter so you don't miss out on any launch announcements and sales?

In a departure from dolls, I have written another book called Tiny Budget Tiny Cabin. This is a book sharing how we built and furnished our environmentally-friendly tiny home for less than $20K and how you can do the same. I also reveal how we got a great deal on waterfront property, negotiated the permitting process to save cash, and made our home sustainable. I am finished with the manuscript and am in the process of formatting the book as a paperback and e-book, and I expect it to be ready for download and pre-order in December.

These covers and titles may change when the books are finished since they are still in progress. Please, however, enjoy these mock-up shots of Tiny Budget Tiny Cabin; I had so much fun making them!


Saturday, November 14, 2020

 Several years ago I was lucky enough to get a vintage textbook from a Midcentury trade school that taught doll repair. This book has detailed instructions for problems with specific dolls, such as Saucy Walker, Tiny Tears, Cissy, Valentine, Thumbelina, and more. I am so happy to offer these to you in printable PDF form! You can view them on your device or print pages to see diagrams better. Some parts of these Midcentury lessons are obsolete, so each packet comes with an information section I wrote to help you update them. Purchase these packets here by choosing your doll's name. Please note, these are specific to each particular doll. For general doll repair, like eye replacement, purchase my Doll University, Repair Dolls for Fun & Profit book. Have fun with your doll repair career!

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Doll University E-Book Available Now!

I am so happy to announce my book, Doll University, Repair Dolls for Fun & Profit, is available immediately for download as an e-book! I got concrete information today that the paperback copies are set to arrive November 30th, so I am extending my 50% off pre-order sale until then. I will also be offering a special sale price on the e-book until November 30th. Buy the e-book here on my website. The paperback my be pre-ordered here or from Etsy.

I set up my e-book to print full-page at high quality, so while you can read it on your computer or device you may also print out a paper version of your own. This is especially helpful when you are using my proven "cheat sheet" tutorials with step-by-step photos. As you can see from the Table of Contents, I cover every type of doll repair I find essential as a doll doctor and restorer. The e-book is set up with UNLIMITED access; once you buy it you can download it as many times as you like with no time limit. I am still working out whether to offer the e-book on any other sites. I would have to completely re-format it to sell on Amazon and other platforms. 
Order today and give yourself or a loved one the gift of a new career!

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Pre-Order my Doll University Book for 50% Off!

I'm so happy to announce my book is finally here! Are you looking for a new home-based career? Doll University, Repair Dolls for Fun & Profit is the answer! I have been working from home for more than 20 years restoring and selling dolls and running a doll hospital. Doll repair is an underserved field, especially in times of financial hardship when people desire to fix their dolls rather than buy new ones. My book will not only teach you to repair all kinds of dolls; I also walk you through opening a doll hospital or doll shop, purchasing wholesale supplies, manufacturing and importing your own goods, and creating and promoting your brand.

My book is currently in production. You may pre-order it here or from Etsy for $40 shipped in the USA. The price will double when the book is released. Pre-orders will take 3-4 weeks to arrive and you will get a paperback signed by me. If you were to send dolls to my hospital for all the repairs shown it would cost over $700, not including shipping, and that doesn't even take into account all my advice for setting up your business! This is your chance to start a fun new hobby or business or inspire someone else by gifting a copy to them. People all over the world have learned doll repair from my tutorials. All my lessons are included in this book and I've added a few new ones never before posted! Here's what just a few of my recent students had to say:

If you've ever wondered whether you could repair dolls or start your own business I am here to tell you YES you can! Place your order and get started today!