Monday, April 6, 2020

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Face Mask Pattern

FREE on my website, a printable PDF face mask pattern and instructions to make your own essential oil diffusing face masks! Don't sew? The post includes links to my Etsy shop where I have several pre-made masks and mask kits.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

ThredUP Selling Class

If you’re in need of funds right now I want to recommend a class I just completed about selling on thredUP. This course showed me how to maximize profits by sending stuff in from our closets and old store inventory that has been sitting in my other stores. This is just one bag that recently arrived; I’ve made over $150 so far. You can sign up at: 

I believe in this teacher so much I signed up as an affiliate for her so I will make a commission if you order a course from my link (no extra cost to you). This class is how I got the information I shared in my last post about promoting my items and following sellers. It turns out you don't have to just accept ThredUP's low pricing or sit there hoping things will sell; there are  actions you can take to facilitate sales and save on fees. I really wish I'd taken this class before I sent in my first box; I actually lost money on that one! This is a long class; it's way more information than I can share for free, so I really hope you'll consider taking it. 

Kreithchele makes almost 100K per year just selling on ThredUP and teaches more classes on accounting, among other things. I'm already signed up for her next class! I've taken many courses online and this has been one of the clearest and easiest to follow. Best of luck on your ThredUP journey! And don't forget to sign up for ThredUP with my link for a $10 credit!

Monday, March 30, 2020

Another Link in the Chain

Today I am happy to announce a new way to shop Atelier Mandaline: ThredUP! I've opened a new location in my chain of stores on ThredUP.  Sign up for ThredUP using this link for a $10 credit:

For those of you who used to shop my children's clothing, this is where you can now find the majority of my kids' items. Kids' clothing has not been selling well on my other platforms for some time now, but it moves faster on ThredUP, possibly since they used to sell kids' clothing exclusively. I have some women's clothing on the site as well. Currently ThredUP does not offer men's fashion, so you will want to shop my men's styles on my other sites. ThredUP added the Style Icon feature recently, which allows you to follow sellers to see all their items. I hope you'll add me to your Style Icon list! My ThredUP shop is: You can also link to ThredUP and all my other shops from my website.

One of the features I really like from ThredUP are the styling suggestions. When you click on one of my items you'll see links to other pieces to pair with it to make an outfit. These suggestions are from the ThredUP site, not just my shop, so there are a plethora of options. If you've ever struggled like I have to style a piece you'll like this feature. 

ThredUP also offers rewards points now. The more you buy or sell on ThredUP the more points you get to redeem for coupons, free shipping, and more. I'm happy to offer you a $10 credit when you sign up using this link:

Out of work right now? I feel you. We are experiencing the crunch here as my sales are down about 60% year over year and our son is laid off. Why not go through your closets and sell your kids' outgrown clothes or the things you don't wear anymore? Use this link to order a ThredUP Clean Out Kit and get expedited processing: Ordering a Clean Out Kit is free and they'll even send you a bag if you don't have one! On top of that you'll get rewards points you can use on the site.

Something to remember about ThredUP is they mark any items I reclaim as "Sold". If something doesn't sell and I have them send it back to me it will be marked as sold but often I have the items listed in another of my shops. I've been using ThredUP kind of like a virtual assistant to take photos and list for me. If something doesn't sell I just use their photos and description to quickly list the items in my other shops when I get them back. It's all part of streamlining my processes and reducing my amount of hands-on work so I can expand more quickly. Therefore, if you see something you want marked as Sold on ThredUP check my other shops or contact me to ask if it's still available.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

How To Repaint a Doll Face

Today's blog post shows you how to re-paint a doll face to make your own custom doll! You can find the tutorial on my website. I hope you enjoy this fun project while we're all stuck at home.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sesame Keto Bread Recipe

Today I realized my yeast-raised Sesame Keto Bread recipe isn’t showing up on search in the blog archives so I’m re-posting the link. This recipe keeps even a toast-addict like myself on keto! Find it on my website:

Saturday, February 8, 2020

How to Re-Attach Vinyl Limbs to a Cloth Doll Body

Today on my website I show you how to re-attach vinyl limbs to a cloth doll body. The sewing procedure is the same whether you make a completely new body or use a patch.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Doll Repair Without The Repair

Today on my website I give you tips to repair your dolls without spending much money or having any special skills. Not every doll needs a professional, expensive repair!