Thursday, November 9, 2017

Recommended Reading

This week brought some welcome news. A few years ago I bought Dr. Atkins' Vita-Nutrient Solution on eBay for about $5 after a long bout of respiratory illness. I became sick one year in about September and several months later, around Christmastime, after two courses of antibiotics I was still not well. I followed Dr. Atkins' recommended treatment course and started feeling better within just a couple days. Since then I've used the book to treat anything anyone comes down with. Most people are unaware Dr. Atkins was a cardiologist and complementary physician for 40 years. That means he always tried to treat illness with nutrition and herbs and supplements before or in conjunction with pharmaceuticals. He complied his proven treatments in this book and it really has a treatment for almost everything.

Type 1 diabetes is no different. When my son was diagnosed I looked up the treatment and put him on the recommended diet and supplements. I found most packs of vitamins labeled as being for diabetics contain the same ingredients Atkins recommends. I also looked up new studies to see if any herbs had been used successfully. A recent study by a group of Asian doctors showed such promising results using stevia, flax seed, avocado seed, cinnamon bark, and herbs including dill, geranium, and cardamom they theorized it might be as effective as the stem cell therapy currently being studied. So I gave my son a jar of powdered homegrown stevia to take in his food and made him a roll-on using essential oils, flax seed oil, and avocado oil. He's been using all these nutritional therapies along with his prescribed insulin for around a month now. Two days ago when he went to his endocrinologist she was able to take him off his mealtime insulin! He is now only taking one shot at night, which, for a newly-diagnosed T1D, is almost unheard of! His blood glucose is still so low, in fact, we anticipate the doctor will step his insulin down even further!

This result is exactly what Atkins describes in the book. He said as long as a patient had been diagnosed no longer than a year previously he was very often able to step down their insulin until they no longer needed it because his regimen re-activated their pancreas. It is supposed to be impossible for a Type 1 diabetic to get off insulin, but Atkins' patients were able to do so and my son is nearly there just from following the treatment, with the help of his doctors of course. It is imperative you do not try to follow the treatment for Type 1 Diabetes yourself without the help of your doctor. Following the program while taking insulin can result in fatal episodes of low blood sugar, so you must have your doctor review the treatment and monitor your blood glucose carefully. 

I am so thrilled with my son's results and pray he continues to improve! I am so thankful to Dr. Atkins for writing this book and to all the doctors currently studying nature's cures. It is so empowering to learn to use herbs and vitamins and nutrition to benefit your health and your family's health without any of the side effects of drugs. My recommended brand of essential oils and supplements is here. Unfortunately they don't make a diabetes formula, although you can contact me for advice about oil blends that support pancreatic health. I was able to find a couple different brands of diabetic vitamins in various drugstores and in Walmart with the diabetic supplies. I chose a blend that had Atkins' recommended ingredients and dosage as much as possible. No matter what your state of health, I truly feel you should read this book. It has been a literal lifesaver for us!

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