Monday, December 11, 2017

Get It Under The Tree!

December 18th is the last day to order items so they are sure to arrive in time for Christmas if you use standard shipping. Therefore, everything in my eBay, Etsy, and Poshmark shops is marked down through the 18th. Please note, this is for ready-made items. Message me to see if I can complete any custom orders in time.

I have to tell you, however, I am pretty swamped with customs right now and won't be able to take on many more. You know, it's kind of maddening. Every year I attend all these webinars and read all sorts of trend reports on eBay and elsewhere so I know what kind of inventory to stock for the holidays. This year leggings, sweaters, pocketbooks, and toys like LEGOs were the big trends. Florals, velvet, and folkloric and handmade-looking prints were supposedly all the rage. So I filled my shops, especially my Poshmark boutique, with these. I know from long experience that doll and trunk sets sell well during the holidays and this year I made six, which is nearly twice what I've produced other years. They all sold out by the first week of December, the earliest I've ever sold through them! The leggings, especially the LulaRoe leggings, are selling at a healthy rate as well. However, eBay and Poshmark and everybody else missed an enormous trend this year:  Do It Yourself crafts. I suppose in Poshmark's case that's understandable as they only sell fashion.

​I have tons of dolls, both vintage and modern, ready to go in all my shops, but they aren't really moving. Instead, I am stunned by the demand for supplies, such as doll eyes, crier boxes, and stringing kits, this year. I am selling out almost weekly in some cases. I really wish someone had recognized this trend because I could have been more prepared. For instance, instead of finishing dolls I wish I had put together more doll-making kits. I can't keep eyes in stock, especially. American Girl eye swapping is a huge deal this year, so my handpainted eyes have really been popular. Was this mentioned anywhere? No. I could have painted a whole bunch of eyes ahead of time so I could provide custom styles more quickly! So, if you're in trend forecasting, please... try a little harder to think outside the box next year. Not everyone wants to give the same old, same old!

Head to my website to link to all my shops and save big. Even Young Living has many sale offers happening now. Save even more on Poshmark when you sign up with code STUDIOMANDALINE and get a $5 credit. Just remember, if you need it under the tree on Christmas morning, order by December 18th!

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