Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Live Life Infused

Yesterday I attended a powerful webinar with the life-coaching team, The Oola Guys, and Young Living Founder, Gary Young, where they announced a collaboration. The Oola lifestyle stems from a book written by Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl in which they teach how to balance your life by focusing on seven key areas. They evolved the book into a life-coaching service.

Gary Young read the book and became inspired to set up a partnership, for the first time in Young Living's history, with the "Oola Guys." The result is Infused 7, a new collection of essential oil blends.

The idea is that as you try to improve your life by focusing on each of the seven areas that need attention, you can use the oils to actually work inside your body to help you achieve your goals. I am just blown away by the brilliance of treating your body physiologically to help you achieve a cerebral construct. Of course, there is no getting away from our physical bodies. Each of us, whether we struggle with maintaining our finances, or parenting our children, lives inside the vessel of our human form. It makes so much sense to understand we can meet our responsibilities much more easily if our bodies are working with us. It's such a simple concept and yet so under-utilized until now!

Gary Young is a font of knowledge about the healing properties of plants within our bodies, and he brought that to the forefront in creating his Infused blends. Each of the seven blends, Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness, Friends, Field, and Fun, contains pure plant essences to help your body achieve its fullest potential in that area. For instance, Mr. Young, who has been divorced twice, understands the physiological toll that comes from being in unhealthy relationships. That kind of stress and emotional strife actually causes toxins to build up in the liver. Therefore, he added geranium and rosewood to the Family blend because those are natural de-toxifiers and can literally help sweep away those negative influences from the body.

The Oola guys recommend using an interactive tool called the Infused Wheel to see how well you are doing in each of the seven life areas. I was surprised with my score. It was about where I'd expect it to be overall, but I thought I'd score lowest on Fitness and Finance. Those areas are pretty good, however, because I work on my fitness goals every day and even though my stores don't make a lot of money I am careful never to lose money on anything. It turns out for me personally Faith, Friends, and Fun are lacking. In large part this stems from our move away from home where I was part of a very large and close group of friends through church. We haven't found a church with a group like that here and although I've made several new friendly acquaintances, we are all so busy with our children's schedules and work that it's really hard to carve out time to just hang out. I definitely have the classic mother guilt complex as well. If I'm doing something unnecessary just for me because it's fun I have a litany of the chores I should be completing running through my head the entire time. One of the things that's so great about this lifestyle idea is that Fun us specifically listed as a necessity, so now I can say to myself, this IS an important task to complete: I'm working on my balanced life!

So the idea is you take the test and choose one low area to work on for three weeks at a time. So, if your goal is to stop eating junk food (or in my case to stop over-eating healthy foods, like wine with IKEA crab paste or whole tins of smoked oysters), you would apply the Fitness oil to your body and diffuse it three times a day and whenever cravings strike and focus on your ultimate goal of becoming fit. The Oola Guys sell silicone band bracelets in the corresponding colors to the oil bottles, so you can wear those as well. That way, when your hand is reaching for the crab paste or the wine, you SEE the bracelet and SMELL the oil and the ingredients in the oil work inside your body to help you withstand those cravings. It's like a really interactive, advanced meditation program. You do this each day for 21 days and at the end you assess your progress to see if you're ready to move on to a new life area. Life is always throwing us curve balls, so it may be necessary at some point to work on an area that was balanced in the beginning but which you've started to neglect.

This is such a wonderful collection and terrific tool to help really take stock of what's going on in your life. I know I often tend to blame a sort of amorphous universe for things that aren't going well, but truly, who is most responsible for things not being the way I'd like? ME, and the not-helpful choices and behaviors in which I indulge. I was so inspired after this webinar I worked my tail off and achieved my first Young Living rank: I'm no longer a Distributor; now I'm a Star! To find watch the Oola webinar, find your Oola score on the Infused Wheel, and learn more about the Infused 7 collection (including ingredients for all the blends, go to my Naturally Amanda page. To purchase the Infused 7 oils at a wholesale price, sign up as a Young Living member here. I hope you're as inspired and motivated as I am to live your best life ever: the Oola life!

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