Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blemish Buster

Young Living products to treat acne

For more than two years now a significant portion of my profits has gone into a well-known and widely-advertised solution for my son's acne-prone skin. Not only is it terribly expensive, it didn't seem to  work very well. This is possibly due to the fact that, although he assured me he was using it, I recently found a whole drawer full of unopened, unused bottles of the stuff, still in their original packaging and past their expiration dates. My son was not home at that moment, lucky for him!

Before and after Young Living

I decided to cancel our acne medicine subscription and see if we could do better using Young Living products. I first made a toner for him from Young Living Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils. He started using that at the end of January (after the "Before" photo above) along with his remaining acne treatment. We saw some improvement at that time and I decided the oils worked as well as the other for a fraction of the cost. Then through happenstance I found something that blew the other stuff out of the water.

My son has inherited a vein condition that may require surgery. His specialist doesn't want to perform surgery if we can avoid it, however. My research turned up a possible natural support for the condition: lemongrass essential oil. About two months ago I put my son on Young Living lemongrass essential oil. He takes three drops per day in water. We haven't been back to the doctor yet, but I noticed a huge improvement in my son's skin almost immediately upon starting the lemongrass. Then about a month ago a lady in my oils forum posted about how well the Thieves foaming hand soap worked on her son's acne, so I started my son on that. As you can see from the photos above, after only one month on the entire regimen, my son's skin is vastly improved. He has no new blemishes and his old scars are fading fast. This entire program costs me around $55 for a so-far 4-month supply, compared to $85 for a 3 month supply of the other acne medicine, and this program is all-natural. I also get 10% back each month in Young Living product credit because I purchase these items through Young Living's Essential Rewards program. I'm so happy to share this with you!

Young Living Blemish Buster Program

Young Living Lemongrass essential oil
Young Living Lavender essential oil
Young Living Tea Tree essential oil
Young Living Thieves Foaming Hand Soap
aloe vera gel
witch hazel

Take three drops lemongrass essential oil per day in water or in a capsule. Wash your face each morning and night with the Thieves foaming hand soap and rinse. Follow with the Blemish Buster Toner (recipe to follow). Treat any blemishes or dry spots directly with undiluted tea tree essential oil.

Blemish Buster Toner
Mix 20 drops each Young Living lavender and tea tree essential oils in 4 TBSP pure aloe vera juice and 4 TBSP witch hazel. Apply to face after cleansing each morning and night.

I think the program would still work fairly well without ingesting the lemongrass, but that really made the biggest difference for my son. Lemongrass oil is also great for vascular health and can remedy varicose veins and spider veins. It's a good pain reliever as well. To find out more about Young Living please visit my Naturally Amanda Facebook page and to sign up as a wholesale member or order the products shown in this post please contact me or go to my YL web site. Right now when you place an order you have an opportunity to contribute to the Gary Young Foundation. I very much wish you will consider donating to this worthy cause, and I thank you. 

Lemongrass Essential Oil

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