Friday, April 3, 2015

Silent Night

Cherry Trees in Bloom

Spring has erupted here in North Carolina, and flowers are blooming everywhere. Pollen is falling like rain, covering everything in yellow dust. Normally I would be really suffering right about now. I have severe year-round allergies to dust and mold, but I also have spring and fall allergies to trees, grasses, and flowers. So, the hay fever used to pile on top of my regular allergies and just push me over the edge. One particularly bad year my seasonal allergies tipped me into pneumonia. Thanks to my Young Living oils, my homemade allergy roll-on (recipe in the linked post), and all the dietary changes I've made, I'm not even having to take homeopathic allergy pills (remember to see a doctor to make your own treatment plan).

Unfortunately, my littlest one is another story. He developed a bad cough a couple days ago and also has been having nosebleeds and a seriously runny nose. I'm not sure if he has allergies or if he's picked up a bug. It might be a little of both. At any rate, his cough has really been preventing him from getting the sleep he needs to recover. Oils to the rescue again! Last night I whipped up an all-natural cough syrup that's so effective we didn't hear a peep from him after he went to bed and fell quickly asleep with no coughing. Young Living Lavender oil applied neat across the bridge of his nose dried up the bleeding. I'm giving him a Young Living Immu-Pro tablet once a day just in case he's sick and also so his immune system can bolster itself against allergies.

All-Natural Cough Syrup

2 TBSP Pineapple Juice
2 TBSP Raw Honey
4 drops Young Living Thieves essential oil
4 drops Young Living Lemon essential oil

Blend all ingredients and store in the refrigerator. Take a spoonful twice a day in the morning and night or as needed to control coughing.

Did you hear the recent news about the drug manufacturer who admitted selling children's Tylenol and other medicines with full knowledge they were contaminated with metal fragments? Even when things like that haven't happened, I know I'm thrilled to avoid the cost and side effects of the antihistamines I used to take daily. I'm so happy to have an alternative to dangerous, expensive, and fairly ineffective over the counter drugs. Besides hay fever roll-on and cough syrup, I now make my own anti-aging face treatments, bath salts, salves, and more. Go here to sign up as a Young Living member and get these products at a wholesale discount.

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