Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Viking Visit

You can just make out the wake next to the green-roofed dock.
I've been worrying, lately, as I'm wont to do. This gigantic storm is one thing that has me on edge. The past couple nights I've been lying awake wondering how things will work out. So, today I walked it out for a while, trying to get my exercise in ahead of the storm. It was supposed to bear down on us about 1 PM, with high winds, tornadoes, and flooding.

While I was walking, some spooky things began to happen. Crows began calling all along my way. Crows and ravens are sacred in many cultures. In my own ancestry they were said to be the spies and messengers of the god Odin. His daughters, the Valkyries, who choose among the dead of the battlefield to see who to carry to Valhalla, could transform into crows or swans.

More and more crows appeared around me as I walked. When I got to the water I planned to sit on our dock for a bit, but it was wet, so I stood there, looking out at the water and stewing. As I stood there, one particular crow came calling right above my head, pulling me out of my mind and into the present. Far out across the lake I could see a boat's wake heading toward me. The thing is, there was no boat!

Something like this makes a person nervous, or makes me nervous, at least. Our culture isn't good, in my opinion, at acknowledging the unexplained. We write people off as lunatics if they talk about experiences like these. Extraordinary things happen every day, though. You've probably heard some sort of story like this already this week.

Anyway, I left the water's edge and started walking away along the path. The wake turned and followed me. I stopped and watched it for a while and then walked on. As I walked further, the wake turned again, still following me. I stopped in an open area and watched it coming straight toward me, ever closer. I walked out to meet it and came right up to me. I could see a deep depression in the water, as if from the prow of a ship pushing it forward and down. It came right up to me and disappeared at my feet. Even though I'd been nervous earlier, this made me feel strangely calm.

I walked home. I'd taken a picture of the wake in the water when it was still far off across the channel. I tried to crop the photo so I could see it better, but when I tried, instead the photo copied itself and then my phone shut itself off! I decided it didn't want to be altered, at least until I saw whatever I was supposed to find.

Maybe my ancestors were sending me a message, or maybe I've been watching too many episodes of Vikings. At any rate, when I got home I saw an answer to my worries. The storm's path turned and won't hit us hard, if at all, it seems. Now I feel like everything is going on as it should. It's all going to be okay.

I'm using photos from my walk for this post. Eventually the photo let me crop it so you can make out the wake from my invisible ship. I saw a muskrat today, as well as the  invisible boat. This is another answer to a worry; many in the neighborhood saw the animal and feared it was a beaver. It's right by the community docks, which we would of course prefer not be chewed. I watched it swimming and diving, though, and saw it has a thin tail it uses as a propeller.

A musk rat, eating a snack.

Later, I kicked myself for using my regular camera and not Instagram. I've been on the Facebook eBay For Business page a lot lately, and many successful sellers recommend using Instagram as a marketing tool. I've never made my Instagram public or followed anyone because I thought my friends would get sick of all the doll photos. Due to other eBay sellers' advice, however, I made my profile public, so I should have used it for these photos! I'm mandaline919 on Instagram, so please follow me. I've linked this blog to my Instagram profile. I welcome advice on whether you think that's the best idea. Should I link my eBay store instead? It's Anyway, the dogwood blooming by the lake is another photo I should have taken with Instagram. You can see it here instead!

Dogwood blossoms by the water

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