Monday, April 7, 2014

Lucy In The Sky Blue Dress

Tonight I finally get chance to sit down and write a new post. Our oldest was home half of last week with strep throat and required a trip to the doctor. Today our youngest had his Kindergarten check-up and vaccinations, and that turned into a 2 hour odyssey because his ears were completely impacted with wax and required extensive work before he could hear well enough to pass his hearing test. Hearing loss can be an issue with his medical condition, so we are always keeping an eye on it. We tried ear cleaners at home but every so often he requires medical intervention. It's hard to watch, because it hurts and he cries. Although, he says he is brave and doesn't cry. "Water just comes out of my eyes, Mom," he says! Then he also had to have three shots and was running a fever by supper time.

The lot of toddler dolls needing repair.

Naturally, all this occurred during the listing period for eBay's Retro Event and while I've been trying to finish the full size mermaid doll a client ordered. I was really excited to be invited to participate in the Retro event. Ebay hasn't ever asked me before. I've been up really late for days finishing vintage items and listing them, but it was worth it. My sales have really shot up since the event started a few days ago. Make sure to visit my store to shop the Retro Event until April 13th: Of course, I sell retro items all the time, so you can shop after the event as well!

The doll after restoration.

This little Virga Lucy doll is the last of the box lot of toddler dolls I've been restoring recently. She needed re-stringing and a really good cleaning. She also needed a wig. Her clothes were dirty and the hat needed new elastic. I recently got a different lot of Ginny clothes and accessories which contained a red wig. It's a bit fuzzy and thin but I was able to treat it with fabric softener to clean and soften it and braid it so it turned out really cute.

Lucy has some factory flaws in her thighs where her seams don't quite meet. They aren't splitting and it isn't really noticeable at all, so I left it. This Lucy is a strung doll, not a walker, so she is actually able to pose much better than most walkers. She has very pretty eyes of pale jade green and reddish molded eyelashes to match her hair.

Lucy turned out beautifully. I dressed her in a gingham ensemble I've seen frequently. According to Carol Stover's 40s and 50s Small Dolls book, this was part of a doll and trousseau set available in 1957 as a Kellogg's cereal box top premium. Tons of girls must have scarfed down cereal for that set!

My small dolls have been selling well, so I'm trying to acquire some more. Shopping for inventory is always a lot of fun! I have a gorgeous composition Wendy Ann in the pipeline and the Play Pal sized mermaid is nearly complete, so keep watching for new dolls.


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