Friday, April 25, 2014

Gorgeous Ginger Girls

I'm certainly not an expert in Ginny and related toddler dolls, but I've restored so many over the past year I'm getting much more knowledgeable. Today I started on another big box of toddler dolls, including Pam, Lucy, Ginger, and unknown clone dolls. This Ginger is the first I've done with the later "big eyes" face.

Ginger dolls, according to another blog I've seen, are not marked. Ginger, by Cosmopolitan, is often described as a "Ginny clone", but in my opinion she seems to be more of a Nancy Ann Storybook Muffie clone. Muffie and Ginger have the cutest of the toddler doll faces, I think. From my observation, the earlier Muffie and Ginger dolls have smaller eyes, like the brunette doll I show wearing the green Ginny raincoat.

Later, both Muffie and Ginger changed face molds to one with very large, round eyes. Then, both moved to vinyl face dolls, and finally, both moved to vinyl-face high-heeled teenage dolls called "Little Miss Nancy Ann" and "Little Miss Ginger". I prefer the earlier smaller-eyed Muffie face, but both the Ginger hard plastic faces are really appealing.

Ginger was so cute, in fact, she was cloned just like Ginny! Here I have three dolls: an early smaller-eyes Ginger, a big-eyes Ginger, and a Ginger clone. Ginger can be identified in several ways: she always has a faint belly button, dimples above each toe and below her lower lip, separate fingers, and circle mold marks on the inside of each wrist. The Ginger clone has all these markers, but her feet are painted white. I've seen molded-shoe dolls with painted feet, but never a barefoot doll with painted shoes!

The doll on the right is a Ginger clone.

The Ginger clone also has a shorter, "no-neck" look not common to real Gingers. Her wig is synthetic mohair, very nice and soft, rather than Ginger's Saran wig. She is also strung differently, with a band going from her head to her arms.

All these little Ginger types are really sweet. I finished the brown-haired doll first because she didn't need much work. I cleaned her. Her hair was in its original set but a little dirty, so I just brushed the dust out and pinned it up to cover a tiny mark left on her face, probably from wearing glasses for a long time.


I got the Vogue Medford tagged Ginny dress in a large lot of doll clothes. This originally had a green flocked bodice supposed to look like velvet, but the flocking is all flaking off. There was a very tattered flower in the waist band and a tear to one side of the bodice. I removed the old flower, fixed the tear, and sewed a replacement flower over the repair. Then I sewed a couple torn places in the skirt.

The previous owner wrote "Ginny" in pencil on the inside of the skirt. I didn't try to clean it off, but it may come out with upholstery spot cleaner. The panties also have residue of some kind on the seat, which I think came from the previous owner trying to repair a tiny hole. I didn't try to clean those either since it doesn't really show.

I made Ginger a hat to match her dress and gave her new socks. Her oil cloth shoes are probably very old Ginny shoes with the side snaps. She turned out very well and makes an adorable display doll. Besides Ginger, I finished one Pam and one Lucy tonight. You can find these and many more to come in my store:


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