Saturday, May 14, 2011

Little Flapper Girl

A Debbie Richmond doll restored as flapper girl, Margie-Carol

This doll will stand propped or with doll stand.

Her face is hand-painted and shaded with pastel.

She is numbered 277/1000
Whew! I almost missed my goal of creating and writing every day today! First there was the Scotty McCreery madness, so close to our house. Then, our daughter, who has been running a fever since Wednesday, had her temperature spike to over 103 this morning! But due, again, to the Scotty parade our doctor couldn't get her in until early tomorrow and then all the way across town.

So, maybe tomorrow will be the harder day. I buckled down to finish my little flapper, "Margie Carol". This is a Debbie Richmond doll, originally numbered 277/1000. I THINK it was probably the baby boy, "Chris", but got the doll in such bad condition I can't tell. I cleaned her up and her sweet blond page-boy haircut spoke to me of beaded gowns and Gatsby, and also really reminded me of my grandmothers, both preserved as blond toddlers dressed like this in photos. Thus, her name; Margie and Carol are my grandmothers!

Margie had a rub on her nose and grimy fingers I couldn't totally clean, so I got my Lenci Bettina out and studied the pastel shading on her fingers, face, and elbows copied it. Now you can't tell she was ever dirty. Her outfit is handmade of gorgeous silk dupioni cross-woven to appear gold in one light and pink in another, left over from a flower girl dress I once made my daughter. I hand-embellished it with organza beaded rosette and guinea hen feathers. Even her bloomers are machine smocked!

The Debbie Richmond dolls are going to be the Lenci dolls of tomorrow, I think. This one is very detailed, with hand-painted face and weighted to feel like a real baby. The body proportioned well and tightly jointed. I encourage you to check out Etsy for more about Debbie Richmond.

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  1. Here's a comment from Debbie Richmond herself! So exciting!

    Dear ab_art,
    I just wanted to tell you that I love the way you re-did my doll. I also, wanted you to know that I appreciate the kind things you said in the description about my dolls....Debbie Richmond
    - feltdolls


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