Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Fruits of Our Labors

These stunning blooms are the result of all the blood, sweat, and tears (and poison ivy!) of the past few years. That is, with the exception of the focal blooms, those gorgeous hydrangeas. Those are a result of a trip yesterday to DeWayne's of Smithfield...the BEST store ever, and according to my husband, the instrument of his financial ruin! My mother, sister, nephew, and I made the trip yesterday afternoon and I had the hydrangeas in the ground by 7 PM. When I closed the blinds last night (I sewed the blinds about 9 years ago) I noticed what a perfect backdrop they are to the flowers. I can't get exactly the look I want in the photo, though. Those of you who read this blog often will know that a great regret of mine is that I am not a better photographer. If I painted the bouquet I could eliminate the light coming through the blinds and the folds and make the blinds a perfectly flat pattern. I'm thinking Cezanne...I think I feel a painting coming on! If only I could transmit the aroma through the computer screen or canvas. The gardenias are sublime! The entire yard and house are fragrant with them. It's a good thing I brought them IN, because when I left to take my daughter to school before 9AM today the temperature was already 85! That's way too hot for my Scandinavian blood. I am having fantasies of a summer house in Norway or Iceland, maybe!

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