Friday, August 5, 2022

Doll Eye Swap Tool

I'm happy to announce my new eye swapping tool is available from my shops at Link to your favorite shop to purchase. 

The eye swap tool is meant to be used on vinyl dolls with eyes sized 13mm or larger. You will basically follow my Eye Swap 101 tutorial, but instead of just pushing the eyes in and out, which takes so much strength and can hurt your hands, you can now open the eye socket  so it's larger and the eyes go in and out more easily.

First, heat your doll's head by filling it with hot water and letting it sit for 10 minutes. If your doll has rooted hair line the inside of the head with an oven roasting bag first.

When the head is hot, open the socket with the tool and push the old eyes out with a wooden spoon handle or similar implement. Then insert the new eyes. I can't show a photo of me inserting the eye with the tool in the eye because it takes both hands. If you need the tool to stay open you can wrap the handle with a rubber band once you get it to the correct width so it stays open. I couldn't find a locking version unfortunately. 

 This tool is perfect to use with my eye swap kits and eyes! You can find all those by linking to my Etsy or eBay shops from

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