Saturday, January 13, 2018

Please Help Find This Doll!

Doll Peeps ~ we need help! We are looking for a replacement doll for a special needs woman in Germany. The doll is from the Polish manufacturer Hencz-toys. Please let me know if you can locate one, especially if you are in Germany or Poland. Please share!
​Thanks! Amanda

​Original message is here: I am a member of a group on facebook that is trying to help the mother of a 37 year old special needs woman in Germany find a replacement for the doll she's had since she was born, or someone local who can perhaps do repairs. Apparently, the doll had never left her side until recently, when it broke, and she's extremely distraught without it. This was posted to a puppet building group I'm a member of as a last resort, and as none of us are specifically doll people, we're not sure how to help. I thought I'd write you, as someone who appears to do doll repairs, and see if you have any sort of connections to anyone who may know about this doll, connections to anyone in Germany who may be able to repair, or anyone who may have the capacity to alter/age a similar doll. From what has been gleaned so far by people looking, it's from a Polish manufacturer, Hencz-toys, and is from the 80s. 
Thanks so much for your time, I'm sure that you have a lot going on, so I really appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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