Saturday, January 24, 2015

Treasure of the Season


I've had a good weekend in my eBay store so far, which is a good thing, because last night when I went to print my shipping labels my printer's paper handler just literally fell to pieces! I had to get up and rush out to buy a new printer, after some cursory research. We only have WalMart here as an option, so at least my choices were limited. I hope I picked a good one. I'm sure glad I made some money though. This is the worst time of year, just after I've purchased all kinds of presents, for a big expense. The stress; it's aging my by the minute it seems! My skin feels tight in the cold air. I decided a booster to my night cream is in order.

Yesterday afternoon I had a mini Christmas when my Young Living Essential Rewards shipment arrived. Young Living offers a fantastic rewards program for premium members. You sign up for a monthly auto-shipment of at least $50 in products. You can change the products each month as well as the date the order processes. Each order earns you points which can be used as credit for future purchases and you can start earning rewards after just two months. Every month you stay with the program you earn a greater percentage of points. You also get a shipping discount, so with the member discount of 24%, the shipping discount, and the rewards points I think it's the best deal in essential oils! I received the Treasure of the Season oil blend in my shipment. This is a blend of Frankincense oil, Frankincense Resin oil, and Cinnamon Bark oil. Frankincense is wonderful for your skin, although this particular blend requires a carrier oil. I had a nearly empty bottle of Citrus Fresh and decided to use the residue as I described in my post about my Fabulous Face Oil by filling the bottle with grapeseed oil. I added Treasure of the Season and Purification to the oil blend, topped it with a Young Living roller fitment, and now I have a super-moisturizing, skin-perfecting face oil.

The Citrus Fresh provides exfoliation to resurface skin overnight. It's like a lightweight, all-natural "chemical peel". The reason I will use this at night is that citrus oils cause your skin to be sensitive to sun exposure, so I wouldn't want to use it during the day and get a burn. Purification contains a lot of lemongrass oil, which works well for spider and varicose veins and for mole and skin tag removal. A lady in my online oils group who's 40 but looks like she's about 25 uses and recommends a similar blend. I will definitely keep you updated on the results. Here's the recipe:

Treasure of the Season Nighttime Face Oil

10 drops each Young Living Treasure of the Season, Citrus Fresh, and Purification oil blends
15ml (about .5 ounces) grapeseed oil
Young Living roller ball fitment

Mix all ingredients and shake to blend. Apply to face, concentrating on discoloration and lines, at night time.

I still have some congestion and a cough and a neighbor asked me for a sinus blend last night, so today I got to work on a congestion-clearing vapor rub. I've been diffusing these oils at night and actually woke up coughing when the water ran out and the diffuser shut off early this morning, so I know it helps.

Sinus, Cold, and Cough Soothing Rub

10 drops each Young Living Thieves, R.C., Peppermint, and Lemon oils
2 TBSP coconut oil

Whip coconut oil to break up lumps and mix in essential oils thoroughly. Apply to chest, forehead, the bridge of nose, and around nostrils to clear congestion. Apply to soles of feet to help immunity and speed healing.

I've been busy, busy, busy this weekend. Yesterday I worked all day cleaning and listing Barbie and other fashion doll shoes in my eBay store and after I got home with my new printer today I spent the entire evening teaching essential oil usage to friends, and I'm toast! I'm not too tired to answer questions about Young Living, however, so feel free to contact me. You can also find information and other recipes on my Facebook page, so please check: Naturally Amanda.

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