Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ebates Rebates

A new box of project dolls

Today my sister messaged me to tell me eBay has 4% cash back on doll and bear purchases through Ebates. I've never been able to get Ebates to work, but those of you who use it can save pretty big right now. Usually the cash back on Ebates is only 1%, so this is a great value! I thought I'd let you know. If you've shopped my store you know almost everything is listed as "Make an Offer", so between that and Ebates cash back you can get some great deals. So, make sure to get on Ebates and then go to my store: Atelier Mandaline on eBay.

As you can see, I got a huge shipment of new-to-me dolls this week. These date from the 1950s to the 1990s and there are some really hard to find dolls in there. I've been hard at work and hope to start listing the first few tonight.

We had a lovely sunrise this morning, deceptively clear, since the day later became rainy and sleety. I thought I'd share this beautiful moment with you. It wasn't a great day for me. My teen got his braces this morning and has a really difficult appliance that hinders his speech and makes it hard for him to eat. We spent the entire morning at the orthodontist. Then I had to attend my youngest son's IEP meeting to address his speech therapy and school performance. He hasn't been behaving well recently, and the main problem seems to be loud talking and yelling. This is ominous because, rather than bad behavior, it could mean he has hearing loss again. This is a particular problem with his medical condition (he was born with a cleft lip and palate) and we are always having to watch for signs he isn't hearing well. They're going to test his ears tomorrow, so I'm waiting to find out if more trips to the ENT, ear tubes, and other interventions are necessary. He struggles enough with his speech as an English as a second language speaker, early hearing loss, and the adjustments he's had to make to adapt to his repaired cleft since it was open until he was nearly two, so another diagnosis of hearing loss would just be another obstacle for him to overcome. It's helpful for me to look at this photo of the day when it was still brand new and full of possibility and think, tomorrow holds the same promise and the day will again be new.

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