Friday, August 29, 2014

Wendy's Wedding

Wendy Kins from 1957 or later, dressed in a 1960s dress.

Today I finished my Wendy Kins bride doll. You first saw this doll in my Wendy Through The Years post:, which I will let you read for a more thorough examination of this doll's age. I was planning to make this a trunk set with a bridal trousseau, but I have three trunk sets in my cabinet right now, so I decided I don't have room for any more until one sells.

Wendy's unusual black eyes

This is the unusual Wendy Kins doll with the black pupil-less eyes, seldom seen, and the wig stitching described as "unique" by Carol Stover. There's more on that in my other post linked above. The rarest thing about this doll in my opinion, however, is her condition. She's just pristine! Her hair has a few fly-aways but is otherwise in its original style. Her face paint is clear and bright, her pale complexion is matte. For a doll of 50 or older, she's really in amazing shape. It's especially amazing when I consider the rest of the lot she came with. Every other doll needed minor to major repairs, and few of the clothes looked new. Of all that was in the lot the taffeta panties she's wearing are the only items that looked old enough to be of an age with Wendy, so I replaced their elastic and dressed her in them.

Vintage Alexander bouquet and necklace.

Handmade veil

I found a bride dress in the lot and was able to determine it is the #735/#730 gown of 1968-1972. The bouquet was in there too, but not the veil, so I made a veil from new and vintage materials. It has a little wired crown of flowers and you can pull the tulle over her face for the beginning of the ceremony. I thought an old Alexander cross necklace and gold sandals went well with the outfit.

The late 1960s tag
I was able to identify and date the dress using my Patricia Smith Alexander dolls book. The dress from 1968-1972 has one row of lace along the hem. The same dress with two rows of lace was used from 1973-1978.

The veil has a crown of flowers.

I re-strung Wendy with cord elastic. This is tricky with the old dolls. I want to get the cord tight enough to let the walker work but loose enough to prevent the seams from splitting. The walker works best if you sort of press the hips together as you move them, and you have to balance Wendy to get her to stand, but she will sit and stand alone. Her knees bend well. She has minor dings here and there on her limbs and body, but these are very tiny.

I found a crinoline that's very 1950s style, really full with a layer of stiff net under the tulle. This makes the dress stand out far and will also work under 50s style dresses. The crinoline needed new elastic so I replaced it. It almost makes the dress short enough to double as a First Communion gown if you wanted. My step-sister and best friend were both Catholic when we were growing up and got to wear the little First Communion wedding dresses. I wanted one so bad I was just sick with jealousy! I can remember my friend looking through the Sears catalogue to pick out her gown.

Wendy can sit and stand alone.

My little Wendy bride turned out very well, I think. You can find her and many other restored dolls in my store, so please check:

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