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Wendy's Busy Week

Wendy's Ballerina Trousseau

Today I was finally able to finish a Wendy-Kins trunk set I've had in the works for a while. Technically I guess it's a boxed set, as I've included a vintage hat box to store everything. I do so enjoy making trunk sets! I know I make more money when I sell pieces separately, but I just enjoy the little sets so much! I modeled this on after a similar Wendy ballerina trousseau sold by Madame Alexander in the 1950s. This is not an original Madame set. I put it together from various tagged and untagged Vogue and Madame Alexander pieces.

Wendy and her things in a vintage hat box

Wendy came in a lot of dolls needing repair, including the Something Blue Cissy I have listed right now, a flapper doll, and a little Ginger doll. Wendy has the bent-knee walker body, a triple-stitched wig, and tan skin with very red lips. According to the Carol Stover Small Dolls book, this doll was made beginning in 1956.

The doll needed re-stringing.

The doll has molded hair under her wig.

Wendy needed re-stringing and had a small side seam split, which I repaired. I strung her somewhat loosely, since she already had a split, but tight enough that her walker will still function. She can sit and stand alone. Her wig was pretty much in its original set, although it was dirty and has some minor breakage. I cleaned it and fluffed the curls back up. Interestingly, you can see molded hair under this doll's wig, so it  was evidently used as Wendy as well as for boy dolls and baby dolls.

Her seam split, before and after repair

A while back I bought some doll wigs that came packed in a neat old hat box. There was a tiny crack in the lid, and whatever logo was once on the top was worn away. It's so cool, though, I've just been waiting to find a doll to fit in it. Wendy and her clothes all fit, although she has to bend her hips a bit, not stand straight. I printed her initial on parchment card stock, glued it on, and then finished the edge with buffing wax.

A vintage hat box custom-altered for Wendy

There's some wear to the box and an old label.

Once Wendy was all fixed it was time for the fun of dressing her up! On Sunday night, Mother tells Wendy to get ready for bed because she has a very busy week ahead of her. Wendy puts on her warm flannel sleeper printed with blue rosebuds. This is un-tagged but looks factory-made. It closes in back with round silver snaps.

Wendy wears an untagged flannel sleeper.

On Mondays Wendy goes to ballet class. She wears a pretty blue taffeta dress with gold and white trim. This is not tagged but is factory made. Under her ballet dress Wendy wears white lace-trimmed Alexander panties from a newer doll and plastic Ginnette shoes by Vogue.

Wendy's ballerina costume, with each piece very nice.

Wendy's a big girl now, and she can help Mother by dressing herself. She already has her Alexander panties, vintage and somewhat yellowed rayon socks, and vintage Alexander flocked black shoes on when Mother comes in to help her pick out a dress. "You're such a big help, Wendy-Kins!", says Mother.

Wendy can sit alone and bend her knees.

It's Tuesday, so Wendy and Mother do their shopping. Wendy wears her lovely red velvet coat with plaid bias facing, tagged Vogue, and her black, lace-trimmed Alexander bonnet. The bonnet is from a more recent Alexander doll, probably one of the international dolls.

Wendy's coat is tagged Vogue.

The coat is stiff and bright, with no issues.

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Under her red coat Wendy wears a blue and green plaid dress. It has no tag but it factory made. It closes in back with a tiny hook and eye like those used in Vogue's early outfits. There is some fraying at the neck of the dress, but I have treated it with Fray Check so it won't get worse.

The neck has some fraying.

Wendy's plaid dress

Wednesday is house cleaning day. Wendy helps Mother dust with her guinea feather duster with bamboo handle, handmade by me. Wendy wears her favorite day dress, a white cotton printed with red cherries and trimmed with tiny rickrack. This has no tag but does have the Vogue style hook and eye closure. This has minor age-related yellowing. Wendy keeps her dress clean with her Medford-tagged Vogue apron. The tag is very frayed and the hook and eye has some rusting around it. Someone wrote "Ginny" on the inside of the apron strap.

The apron is tagged Vogue.

Wendy's feather duster is handmade.

Wendy's cherry-print dress.

Thursday is Wendy's Brownie Scout day. She loves all her friends from Brownies, including Muffie and Ginger, who are also available in my store: Her dress isn't tagged and doesn't have a Brownie logo. It has two faux buttons on front and closes with two flat brown snaps in back.

Wendy's Brownie outfit

Wendy is often invited to parties on Friday and Saturday, so she wears her special dress. Father bought it for her while he was in Europe on business before the war. It's a beautiful Madame Alexander dress from the 1960s or 70s tagged Czechoslovakia. The skirt has an attached crinoline.

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Wendy's triple-stitched wig
A tagged dress from the 1960s or 70s

Wendy's fancy dress

After restoration Wendy look very good. Her feet have faint brownish marks from wearing shoes for a long time, it appears. She works well, and her clothing is mostly very nice, other than the noted issues. I hope Wendy finds a new owner who enjoys her as much as I enjoyed creating this set! Keep watching for another Wendy bridal trousseau on the way!

The feet are marked from old shoes

Wendy is marked ALEX.

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Wendy after restoration

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