Friday, May 2, 2014

Springtime Journey

A walk in the woods
All life is a journey. Along the way we follow landmarks, we stop for rest. Sometimes we get lost and have to find the path again. Sometimes we are so exhausted or hurt we despair of going on. Every day, though, we have the chance to look for the beauty and the good. Today I saw much of both.

Tomato on the way
Spring is really springing here, now the cold and storms have abated. In the garden I saw my store-bought tomatoes are starting to blossom, meaning fruit is on the way. The strawberries are ripening as well. I found a new variety, or new to me at least, with red flowers. It's called "Tristan" and I think it makes a lovely landscape plant as well as garden plant.

My super-easy seed saving method is working in the new garden. I wrote about that in an old post here: I found this tiny tomato sprouting from the compost I put out to fertilize. That gorgeous black stuff you see is my compost.

A tomato sprouted from compost.

The tomato leaves I pinched off the plants when I planted them just a few days ago are already starting to root. I planted four new plants today. You can read about tomato planting in my April posts. The speed at which these rooted surprised even me! I have about ten more plants rooting. I hope they will set the roots this weekend because next week I'm heading to Florida, tagging along on another of my husband's business trips. It's my birthday week. I think turning 40 will be much less painful if I have my toes in the sand!

My tomato leaves from a few days ago already rooted!

I wrote about my stone owl from Michigan many years ago. I first saw those in Sutton's Bay. Last year I picked up a baby owl at the Mast General Store, either in Asheville or Valle Crucis although now I can't remember which. I hope that means the Michigan artist who started making them is doing really well and not that the idea was stolen! Anyway, I think my little mommy and baby owl are so cute on the patio.

My rock owl mother and baby

Me and my baby

I took my baby on a walk through the woods today, down to the lake, so we could enjoy the fabulous weather. Such natural beauty always lifts my soul and spirits, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

A babe in the wood

A sunken tree

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