How to Install a Recordable Voice Box in a Doll

I'm happy to announce a new product launch: recordable voice boxes for dolls and plush animals! These are the same boxes used at Build-A-Bear Workshop, so you can replace yours if it's broken. You can also make lifelike custom dolls and plush toys that talk! Record a 10 second message. Then install the box in your doll or animal. You can make the doll say "Mama", "I love you"' anything you can think of! Record a grandparent's voice so your child always has it... the possibilities are endless!

To record your message, turn the switch on the box to "record".

Press and hold the button while you speak into the mic circle.

Turn the switch to "play".

Press the button to play the message. You can record over your message as many times as you need to get it just right.

If you want to install the box in a stuffed animal you will need to open the seam with  seam ripper. You can also install the box in a cloth body doll, such as an American Girl doll, this way. You can also remove the doll's head to install the box. To remove the head, untie the drawstring or cut the zip tie. You will have to replace the zip tie after installing the box if you do that.

Place the voice box wherever you wish in the body. You might have to remove some stuffing to fit it in. Make sure the button is visible so you can push it to play the recording.

Sew the seam back up. If you want to easily get to the box to make changes you can add hook and loop tape to the seam instead of sewing it back up.

Press the button to play the recording.

You can purchase these voice boxes from my eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, Mercari, and Depop shops. Link to all my shops from


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