Monday, August 7, 2017

Baby, It's Hot In Here!

I'm happy to say the Top 10 Sale in the Atelier Mandaline shops has been going well and has resulted in  a sales boost of 200% over last month. I'm especially glad since yesterday our upstairs air conditioner died. Thankfully it's rainy and cooler than usual and the downstairs unit is still going strong (knock on wood) but my office and the kids' bedrooms are still barely bearable. The technician came by this morning and quoted us a $6000 to $8000 price tag on a new unit but mentioned it would be at least the 11th before he can work us in. I have two kids visiting the oral surgeon in the next two weeks so with that on top of this I need a quick infusion of cash. I decided to extend my sale.

I have scheduled a 10% off sale on all departments of the eBay store (in addition to the monthly promotional offers) to start tomorrow morning. Keep using the TOP10 coupon code on Etsy through 8/14 for 10% off any order there. Use the coupon code FIXAC on this website shop and the Facebook shop. You can link to all my stores from the Home and Shop pages of the Atelier Mandaline website.
May you be chill, always.

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