Thursday, July 6, 2017

New Options

I have some exciting news on the website front: new payment options are available! Now you can pay by credit card or with PayPal when you purchase from PayPal's purchase protection and free return shipping offers are extremely attractive to many and I am proud to now offer that option. I have big hopes and plans to expand the products listed on my personal website. I keep hoping to have more time to create and restore new products.

To be honest, I'm also a little sick of dealing with eBay's capricious whims as well, and I would like to have more traffic to my own site. Today I got a message that eBay has decided they will no longer allow the sale of used socks, which would not be a problem except that before making this announcement they removed all listings which contained socks. I had several baby outfits with little matching socks (and, let's face it, 3 month sized socks are a lot more sanitary than, say, used bodysuits or swimsuits for babies, if you don't think washing clothes removes germs) and they deleted those with no warning. So, now I will have to dig all those out of inventory and take new photos. I will probably be listing them on Poshmark. I could remove the socks and relist them on eBay but I don't really feel like giving them the money. That's just one thing they've done recently that's angered me. It seems like eBay is trying to drive sellers of used and vintage items off the site, and since there are tons of new options for selling online, I will be exploring them.

Before eBay made me mad I listed a ton of new inventory. I have a huge lot of new girls' clothes in all sizes as well as all the retro stuff I wrote about last week. I'm having an auction event with hundreds of listings, so I hope you will stop by and bid. My husband had the kids clean out their rooms and the attic over the long weekend, so now I have probably at least a thousand toys and their pieces to sort through and list. These date from the 1970s all the way to the present and I have stuff for girls and boys. I was planning to do a big eBay event but now I don't know. I probably will end up swallowing my pride and listing most of them because, realistically, I already have a store subscription for the year so I'm paying for a lot of listings. I'm definitely going to be adding a bunch of them to my website, though, so I hope you will look for those in the coming months. I want you to have all the best options for purchasing and paying when you shop with me! Link to all my stores right from

A few of my newest eBay listings

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