Friday, March 3, 2017

Top 10!

I am starting this post with a little seemingly irrelevant advice. I will get to the point, I promise! Since I have children of a different race it's pretty clear to most people we adopted some of our kids. People come to me all the time happily informing me they've been talking to someone about adoption and they're going to go to China and get a sibling group and get a whole family. I always wonder who on earth they're talking to. First of all, it's almost impossible to get a sibling group from China. Second, and this is what I always caution people, when you adopt a child, either internationally or here, especially if you go through foster care, you're not going to get a bunch of healthy, happy, well-adjusted kids. You're almost certainly going to get a child who is not white (which is only relevant because it means if you are not of the same race you are going to spend a huge chunk of your life answering various questions and statements from perfect strangers, some unbelievably rude and downright horrible, every time you and your children venture out) and who has experienced things you can barely imagine. You're going to get a child who needs a lot of help. While I would never tell anyone not to adopt, I think people should go into it with their eyes open. You won't understand completely just from me telling you; I often laugh at myself and the huge checklist of things I planned to accomplish while on maternity leave! At least, however, I want people to think about how and whether they can provide the time their new child will need with the addition of a language barrier and more than one child.

The reason this has been on my mind lately is that my youngest just graduated from speech therapy and the Special Needs program through the school system. Thank goodness he did it right in time, since the IDEA program that provides for special needs services has disappeared from the new administration's web site and is not mentioned in the education bill which was just drafted. But anyway, this is the first time in almost 13 years we have not had a child in any kind of therapy or special school or anything. You might not suppose it takes up all that much time if it's being provided at school, but consider this: in the time since my son graduated, a little over a month, I made the Top 10% of eBay sellers. The Top 10! And I work from a hundred square foot attic and my kitchen table and do absolutely everything myself! In that time I have also started my own custom printed kids' clothing line, listed two huge boxes of baby girls' clothes, created my own exclusive line of handpainted doll eyes, invented and created a line of "magic potion" steampunk perfume roll-on necklaces using essential oils, shipped all my sold items, worked in my spring garden... and oh, just cooked, cleaned, and cared for my family of five humans and six pets! So obviously, therapy was taking up more time than even I realized!

To celebrate these several victories I am offering an extra 10% off already-discounted items in my eBay store, as well as listing several auctions at low starting bids. This sale lasts only through Sunday/Monday at midnight, March 6/7. I hope you will celebrate with me!

My "I like Big Bucks" hunting shirt

This design comes in a few different colors and styles.

Today I created several "I like Big Bucks and I Cannot Lie!" deer hunting shirts for newborns through pre-teens. I think these are going to be winners, as my son was begging through the whole photo shoot for the hoodie he is modeling! The bodysuits would be great baby shower gifts for hunting families!

My Lake Girl design

Today I also got my first multiple order for my new "Lake Girl" design. I just returned from getting shirts in the requested colors and sizes! Around here I make these to say "Lake Norman Girl" but any lake name or no lake could be used.

This design can be personalized.

I listed several new pairs of handpainted doll eyes today too. This group features deep aqua blue 20mm size eyes and viridian green 15mm eyes. Each pair is handmade and unique, so they are terrific to give your doll a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Viridian Green

Dark Aquamarine

Our oldest just turned 18 (how is that possible?) and for his birthday I created this custom monogrammed shirt inspired by old school rap music. He wants to be a neurologist so I added a tiny brain to the design.

My monogrammed design

I have more shirts for moms and dads using this design but I haven't made the shirts yet. The M.O.M. design features a wine glass instead of the brain and the D.A.D. design has a beer bottle. I have small versions for cups and tumblers as well. I have so many ideas whirling around in my brain there just aren't enough hours in the day to even begin to make them all!

You can buy some of these ready-made on eBay and Poshmark or order custom designs from Etsy or Facebook. I hope you will!

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