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Make Your Own Magic Potion

My exclusive "magic" potion necklaces

The other night while I was taking a bath I had a really big idea. I suppose this is because I had just poured the last of a bottle of essential oil into the bathtub. Most of you know, besides my online shops, I also use and sell Young Living essential oils. In the two years I've been using oils I have replaced most of the toiletries, cleaning supplies, and supplements I used in the past with essential oils. One result of this is we have quite a lot of essential oil bottles around the house. I clean them out and re-use them to make my own custom blends and roll-ons, but I still have a lot left.

My vintage necklace

Back when I was in high school I bought a necklace I thought was cool, a decorated glass bottle pendant. The bottle is a real bottle but it doesn't open so you can't fill it with anything. I still wear the necklace today. It's in great shape even though now it's considered a vintage piece, and my kids all absolutely love it. With the advent of the Harry Potter stories the children started calling it my "Magic Potion" necklace and they always want me to open it. It does look like something one of the witches and wizards from the story would use. I decided to see if I could make a necklace that could store a real "potion".

Making the necklaces

I use vintage charms and beads.

The finished bottles

I have a huge stash of vintage charms and beads, as well as various jewelry findings, in my office and I found more than enough to decorate the bottles. I made the necklaces from brass chain and double loop bezels that happen to be the exact size necessary for the bottles.

I add a roller ball.

For my potions, I decided to start with two inspired by the Liquid Luck and Essence of Dittany in the Harry Potter stories. I call mine Lucky Liquid and Elixir of Dittany. I was just going to put a cap or cork on the bottles but I worried a child might try to drink the liquid. Neither of these blends have oils that can't be ingested (most essential oils cannot be ingested but due to Young Living's promise of purity and careful distillation process most of theirs can) but drinking such a large amount of even safe for consumption oils could be harmful to a child or even an adult since oils are so concentrated. I decided to put a roller ball on the bottle so the oil blend is a roll-on perfume and a child wouldn't be able to drink it.

The kits include a roller necklace and oils.

Each kit includes a handmade necklace, a roller ball and cap, a 2ml bottle of essential oils, and a 5ml bottle of coconut or grapeseed carrier oil. I decided to make the set a kit so if the buyer wanted to make a different scent than the two I am currently offering they could do so. The Lucky Liquid oil blend includes motivating and inspiring oils such as Balsam, Orange Peel, and Coriander. Its scent is citrusy, spicy, and woodsy. The Elixir of Dittany blend doesn't actually have any dittany. Dittany is a rare and endangered plant that grows only on the Isle of Crete in Greece. I was inspired by the Essence of Dittany's cure-all properties in the stories to make a soothing oil blend. This blend features lavender, manuka, and frankincense, all oils good for minor skin irritations like cuts or scrapes. The scent is floral with notes of honey and wood resin.

Prepare to assemble the roll-on.

I think it would be a really fun activity to assemble your roll-on with your kids. I definitely recommend adult help, however, so you don't end up with oil all over the place! You will need a small funnel or eye dropper and a dish towel or paper towel, the only items not included in your kit.

Add the essential oils.
To begin, empty the contents of the tiny bottle to the necklace. These are the essential oils.

Add the carrier oil.
Next add the carrier oil to the necklace. This is the larger bottle. There will be a little extra carrier oil, so be careful not to overfill the necklace.

Add the roller to the necklace.

Full disclosure: I ALWAYS overfill the bottle! I have learned to pour the carrier oil in over the sink and I usually wrap a towel around the bottle too. You will definitely need to wrap the bottle in the towel to place the roller because you need to get a tight grip on the bottle.

Tighten the cap to insert the roller.

To insert the roller, it is necessary to use the cap. Screw the cap onto the bottle and tighten it as hard as you can. Be careful not to break the bottle! This is another reason for holding the bottle with the towel. Occasionally I have to use the towel to press the roller ball down and then tighten the cap on it again to get it to go all the way in.

Make sure the roller ball is all the way in.

Confirm the roller ball is inserted all the way. There should be no gap between the metal band under the roller ball and the lip of the bottle. Once the roller is inserted all the way it's secure and not too easy to remove. If you got oil on your necklace, which I always do, you can wipe it off with a paper towel saturated with window cleaner or alcohol.

Blend the oils.

When you have the roller in place cap the bottle and roll it in between your palms. The heat from your hands helps the oils to blend together. Turn the bottle upside down and right side up a couple times. You are ready to apply your oil! Use as you would perfume, applying to the pulse points on your wrists and neck. In the case of the Dittany you can also apply it to any sore cuts or anything like that. Then grab your wand and go!

The chain is 16 inches long on average.

I am pleased with the trendy steampunk style of these charm necklaces! Each necklace is completely unique since I use so many vintage materials and they are all handmade. I think you will get a lot of compliments and find your necklace a real conversation piece. The essential oil blends are well-diluted, and you could dilute them even more by adding only half the tiny bottle if you want to lessen the scent or make your oils last longer. The diluted blends should be safe for children to apply, but only allow children age five and up to play with the necklace since the small charms could be a choking hazard. Even then use your best judgment of the child in question to make sure they can safely play with a glass bottle.

You can buy your Magic Potion Kit from my Etsy shop and you can also just purchase a necklace to fill yourself. Through March 15th you can get a FREE Potion kit when you purchase a Young Living Premium Starter Kit from me. Order those using this link or from and use Sponsor Number 2256091 to make sure you're ordering from me.

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