Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Littlest Angels

Nancy Ann Storybook Snow Queen

After a much-needed sojourn to the beach this past weekend, I am now putting the pedal to the metal trying to finish up a few last minute projects in time for them to ship. December 20th is the last day to ship First Class via USPS and the 21st is the last day to ship Priority, as long as they need to arrive by Christmas, so I wanted to get some little angel ornaments done this week.

The skirt is hand-beaded.

The Nancy Ann mark

The doll has a hanging loop.

A stand is included.

The doll can be a tree ornament.
A few months ago I bought some nude Nancy Ann bisque Storybook dolls from the 1940s. As I mentioned, I envisioned them as angels, but while I was working on the first one she expressed a desire to become a Snow Queen. Honestly, that's how it is sometimes; certain dolls just insist on taking their own path. I made her a silver and white ensemble, with an embroidered and beaded tulle skirt and a faux fur stole. Her crown is silver fringe. She turned out beautifully and makes a wonderful winter centerpiece or display while standing, or can be hung from her loop on a tree. The nice thing about the Snow Queen is she isn't confined to a certain holiday or time period for use; she can be used in any winter scene or diorama!

Nancy Ann Storybook Angel

The second doll was perfectly happy to become an angel. She wears a tiered golden tutu embellished with Swarovski crystals and sequins and a golden halo. Her wings are real feathers. The angel can also be displayed on her stand or hanging from her loop on the tree.

Each doll has a box.

The boxes are from different dolls.

The boxes have lots of wear.
Each of these dolls is about 6 inches tall, and each comes with a doll stand a Nancy Ann box. The boxes are marked for different dolls and each has lots of wear. They are still fine for standing up to display your doll, however. You can find these and many other dolls in my Etsy and eBay shops and I hope you will check. My stock is getting rather low, I'm happy to say. We have had a ton of unexpected medical bills for our special needs son this year and with Christmas so close I really need the sales and the money! I am burning the midnight oil tonight to finish a Cissy doll, so I hope you will keep your eyes peeled for her. These are ready to ship! Keep watching the blog for an important announcement of a new service I'm about to unveil, as well. I've been holding some 24 hour flash sales here and there on eBay, so you will want to keep an eye out for those, and I am offering 20% off any order from my Etsy shop with the code HOLLYJOLLY through December 21st. Happy Shopping!

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