Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Plus Poshmark

Atelier Mandaline

I have exciting news! I opened another branch today on Poshmark, This means Atelier Mandaline now has four virtual "locations"! Technically, on Poshmark it's Studio Mandaline, because "Atelier" (which means studio in French) has too many letters. Each one of my branches is slightly different. The Etsy shop features mostly vintage dolls as well as clothing, parts, and kits to make or repair your own dolls. The eBay store is my "general" store primarily for kids, stocked with baby and children's clothing, gear, and toys but with doll stuff and miscellaneous items as well. The Facebook shop features harder-to-sell unique and high end dolls and decor, and the Poshmark branch features the creme de la creme of my kids' clothing: higher-end name brands with no damage.

Christmas Party
The fun thing about Poshmark is they let you do a "cover shot" which you're encouraged to style with accessories the way you might wear it. Most sites discourage showing anything not for sale in the listing, but it's great fun to dress up the photos and show shoes or bags or jewelry that might match. It's a terrific way to cross-promote your items as well.

I spent most of the afternoon scouring my daughter's room for accessories to photograph the "Boho Music Festival" and "Christmas Party" outfits I have listed so far. I have so few things listed, one because my mother called, and two because I'm having too much fun styling the shots! Design is my original vocation, after all, and it's like getting back to my roots when I worked in magazine publishing.

So, even though it's exhausting (my husband has been away on a business trip so it's especially exhausting this week) I am having a terrific time with it all. To recap, you can now find Atelier Mandaline on Poshmark:, Facebook: eBay: and Etsy:

I hope you'll enjoy each shop. I try to impart a unique vibe to each location while staying true to my overall brand. Our teen, who has planned his entire life to join the military and use the GI Bill for college suddenly announced he isn't going to do that anymore, AND he wants to go to medical school. Ka-Ching! So we have a big, unexpected expense coming up in a few short months. So I hope you find something to buy as well!

Boho Music Festival ensemble

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