Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Meet Me In Person, Sort Of!

Today has been a big day for Atelier Mandaline! Etsy is changing the store format and will go live with new designs April 5th, so I had to get it together and do some rebranding. I have to admit, my store needed it; I've had the same store design since 2012. Luckily, Etsy partnered with to create free design templates so those of us who are working on 10 year old broken computers (see previous posts for more on that incident) with no design software can still make a nice professional virtual storefront. I created new cover photos for Etsy and eBay and also created a shop video for the Etsy store, so you can "meet" me. With the kids home on Spring Break and the puppy barking and the dryer buzzing it took about 10 million takes!

My new Etsy cover photo

The Etsy cover photo is my own work, not a Canva template, which is why it's a little wonky as to the fit. I don't have graphic design software that lets me size images by pixel dimensions so I had to do some creative photo editing. My thought process for this image was to highlight my main product line (restored vintage dolls) and the fact that I ship worldwide. The new Etsy store design will go live April 5th. I'm excited!

My new eBay store cover photo

The eBay cover photo is a Canva template. I edited the typography to be consistent with my existing tags and stationery, which I just re-designed. The eBay branch of Atelier Mandaline has evolved since I opened the Etsy branch and now sells more modern children's clothing and toys. There are still lots of vintage dolls and toys for adult collectors, so I used the tag line, "For the young and young at heart.  I hope you'll visit both stores and check out my new designs!

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