Thursday, January 14, 2016

Grown Girl

My daughter's outgrown clothes
Around here we are having some serious growth spurts happening! On Saturday I got my daughter all dressed up for her Cotillion dance, a 1950's Sock Hop. I found pedal pushers, a white blouse which I tied at the waist to crop it, real handkerchiefs from the 1950s which belonged to my grandmother, and a couple signet charm bracelets that were my mom's back in the day. My daughter looked so cute! We drove to town, about a 40 minute trip, and when we arrived I was horrified to see she'd taken her outfit all apart! She'd untied the shirt, removed the bracelets, taken her ponytail down. I questioned her as I got her re-dressed, but all I could get was that her outfit was bothering her. I could see her clothes were pretty snug, so when she got home I asked her to get all the too-small clothes out of her room. The result? THREE laundry baskets full of stuff! "You can't possibly have outgrown all this!" I cried. "You wore this last week!" I made her try some things on. They were skin tight.

My daughter cuts fabric.
All you need right after Christmas is to have to replace someone's entire wardrobe, right?! Well, I don't have the money just yet. Luckily my daughter likes to sew and had some fabric for a new shirt and pants. She set to work cutting those out and I started listing her old clothes on eBay. ANYWHOO... my Atelier Mandaline eBay store is filling up with girl's clothes. Most are size 8s, but there are a few 6s and 7s in there as well. I do hope you'll check, because I'm also holding an auction event right now. Almost have the store is up for auction with starting bids 50% or more off the Buy It Now price! Atelier Mandaline Etsy is still offering the Favorite for Coupon and Pin for Coupon promotions. Favorite any item or pin 3 or more items to your Pinterest and I will send you coupon codes for 10% or 15% off. For my blog readers, I have a special Etsy code. Use the coupon code: BLOGGER when ordering for 10% off your purchase!

My daughter got tired after cutting out her outfit, so I will probably end up sewing it for her. That's fine by me; I never have liked crawling around on the floor to cut stuff out and would much rather sew. My great dream is to someday have a big sewing room with a cutting table. Maybe in my next life!

Our cat helps out.

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