Friday, October 2, 2015

Matrimonial Marcie?

Tonight's doll is a bit of a mystery lady. She's a gorgeous Rita Hayworth redhead display or dresser type doll, but she's a walker. I've never seen a walker doll like this before. She is a Duchess or Nancy Ann type decorative doll with stapled-on clothing, but neither of those came as walker dolls. I poured over my Small Dolls book by Stover, which showed photos of only one company making walker dolls like this: Midwestern's All American Girl dolls. However, those dolls were pin hipped walkers and this doll is not. Looking at A&H's article I did see their Marcie dolls resembled this doll but were not walkers. They did produce walkers, however, and there's also a little notation that they made bridal dolls. There are no pictures of the brides, but I'm guessing this might be one of theirs. This doll is about 9 inches tall with her dress, maybe about 7 and a half without, so she's in the right size range for A&H.

A&H's Marcie
No matter who she is, this is a beautiful bride. She has a red mohair wig styled in waving coils. Her eyes are cerulean blue and her face is just really lovely, with bright original paint. She is much more delicately and skillfully painted than these types of dolls in general.

The doll can sit alone.

The dress has spots.
"Marcie", as I'm calling her, has some holes and age spotting on her generous, elaborate skirt. I mended the holes and covered the repairs with vintage-look floral decorations. I did the same thing with a hole in her veil. Then I gave her a bouquet to hold. Marcie's walker mechanism is loose, making her head and legs a little wobbly but she can still sit and stand alone and her head turning walker works. I re-strung her arms so they're nice and tight.

Marcie cleaned up well and would make a unique and adorable bridal shower decoration, wedding cake topper, or wedding gift. You can find her and many other dolls in my Atelier Mandaline eBay and Etsy stores, so please check.

Her dress is designed to display all around her.

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