Sunday, July 7, 2013

Little Miss Lovely

Little Miss Revlon wearing a vintage Ideal dress.

This afternoon Jerry took charge of dinner and the kids again to let me finish this Little Miss Revlon doll and wardrobe set I had almost done. I've had Miss Revlon for over a year now and she's spent most of that time sitting around with acne cream on her arms, which had turned red from the outfit she wore for a long time. Her arms have finally given up this transferred dye almost entirely; now they are just a bit more pink than the rest of her body. It isn't very noticeable at all; I'm not sure I would see it if I didn't already know about it!

The doll's body is near-perfect!

Little Miss Revlon is a rare complete basic doll set, as I believe she has everything she came with when new except her box and tag. She has her original nylon stockings, girdle, bra, shoes, and even her gold headband, something you rarely see! The basic doll wore only lingerie and was ready to dress in homemade or boxed fashions. I made a Can-Can slip for her to wear under her short dresses so they are nice and full.

Little Miss Revlon has her complete basic lingerie set

I bought a couple of large lots of untagged 10 1/2 inch doll sized clothes a while ago and was very excited to find an Ideal percale school dress, which was a boxed fashion, in the lot. This dress is not tagged, but I recognize it. The teal fabric with a pattern of yellow fruits, white pique collar, black satin ribbon and button closure are all familiar to anyone who has studied the Little Miss Revlon fashions. The dress had some tears in the sleeve and the hem had come down. I repaired both. The black ribbon is frayed on the edges and it may have once been embellished with two rhinestones, now missing, though I don't see anyplace where the rhinestones might have been attached. Now that I've repaired the dress it looks wonderful! I added the cute vintage hat with black ribbon trim. The hat has some age darkening but is very nice, with its original elastic band.

Miss Revlon still has her hard-to-find gold headband

 Another dress I think is probably Ideal due to the snaps, which I recognize, is the pink satin formal dress with flocked dotted net overlay. This dress was in rough condition, with some holes in the satin and net and some bleached spots in the pink underlay. You could see where some flowers or a sash had been sewn to the dress and was removed. I treated the holes with Fray Check to keep them from getting larger and sewed a new ribbon and vintage ribbon rose trim in the same place the original had been. I added a vintage lace pocketbook with flower trim.

This is probably an Ideal dress as well.

The fragile fabrics are starting to deteriorate.

The blue flocked ball gown, sheer with white underslip, still has its original floral decoration at the waist but I had to replace the ribbon tie around the neck. I recognize this dress as well. Even though it has the same silver snaps used by the Madame Alexander company, this dress was originally made for a Commonwealth doll, a Little Miss Revlon knock-off. The fragile sheer skirt has some tiny holes as well, but I've also treated those and so they should last well. In the photo you can see Miss Revlon's satin, lace-trimmed crinoline peeking out where the skirt is caught up with bows.

This is a Commonwealth dress.
The doll came wearing this long slip.

This doll came wearing the elaborate red velvet gown, bonnet, full-length crinoline, and pantaloons. These must have been made to go together, as they are all trimmed with the same lace. I think it must have been some type of costume or period dress. It is very well-sewn and the crinoline reminds me of the Cissette full slips. It has several layers of ruffles and inner and outer skirts. I have no idea what brand it is, if it is commercial. The velvet is very fragile and the sleeves had ripped all the way along the seams. I repaired them and added lace rosettes to hide the repairs. The sleeves are very tight now because of the repairs. This is the outfit which stained the doll's arms, so I recommend using it only for limited display, such as a holiday display. I gave Miss Revlon some vintage Barbie sheet music to hold because this outfit reminds me of an old-fashioned caroler. I think Little Miss Revlon would be adorable in a holiday display wearing this!

A cute caroling outfit came on the doll.

The lot of clothes had a sweet vintage Mommy-made blue dress and matching flannel coat. The dress is adorned with a spray of cream colored flowers, which I believe are handmade! The coat has a couple of faint stains I was unable to clean off completely.

The coat also coordinates well with the pink taffeta plaid dress with blue and white lace trim. This dress has a big silver factory doughnut snap, but one side had pulled out so I replaced it with a hook and eye. The lace was also stained, so I covered it with a vintage ribbon rose enhancement.

At bed time, Miss Revlon wears adorable pink taffeta pajamas with gold and black trim. I replaced the elastic in the waist, as it had lost its stretch. These are in perfect condition and have square silver snaps like those used by Madame Alexander, but they have no tag. I added the engraved golden vintage hand mirror charm.

I was even able to find a pretty stationery box for the whole lot! Little Miss Revlon has lovely thick hair in a ponytail bun, which seems to be its original set. Her body is perfect and tight and poses well.

Her face has lovely, high-color original paint, and her sleep eyes function perfectly. She wears her original "pearl" earrings  and has no green ear. She does have a non-factory beauty mark, a pin-sized light brown dot on one cheek. Her red finger and toenail polish is perfect.

I've included three pairs of shoes: The original circle-clasp white plastic shoes, a pair of plastic bow slip-on pumps, and some very nice Lucite gold-glitter and faux suede pumps with rhinestones. The faux suede on these is cracking. The circle clasp shoes, which I'm pretty sure are original to her, don't fit over her feet when her hose are on, but the other pairs do. You might eventually get the original pair to fit, but one stocking has a big hole in the toe and another run at the top, so I didn't want to mess with it much.

This was another fun set to work on! I would have loved a doll like this when I was a girl. I hope whoever ends up with Little Miss Revlon enjoys her as much as I do, but until she sells she'll look great in my doll case!

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