Monday, July 11, 2011

Beautiful Michigan

A boat docked in Northport Bay.

Sweet peas tumble over the Lake Michigan shoreline.

Rock-picking on the beach at Grand Traverse Lighthouse park.

Here we are back at home after a glorious week in Northern Michigan. If there is a more beautiful place on earth than Leelanau County in summer then I haven't seen it. Nearly my entire family on my mother's side came from Norway to Northport, Michigan around 100 years ago. They built the village of Northport in the image of Surnadal and Trondheim, Norway and lived as fishermen, farmers, and sailors. But after World War II the jobs disappeared from Northport. Most everyone had to leave. Today we are still estranged from Northport. It breaks my heart. Northport seems like home, our past and our inheritance.

I am always so happy to find myself in Leelanau. Clouds of chicory bloom like bits of heaven in the fields and ditches. The water and sky are bluer than a dream. We swim and canoe and climb sand dunes like mountains. We engage in the great Michigan pastime of rock picking and plan all the things we'll craft with our haul. We dine on smoked fish from Leland and fresh cherries from Northport each day. We hope and wish for a chance to come again. My great dream is to become independently wealthy so I can just live all summer in Northport!

I had lots of opportunity to practice my photography. Everywhere you look there is a beautiful scene. These are just a few examples: I took nearly 400 photos!

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