Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Technical Difficulties

You might have noticed I haven't been posting recently and this is largely due to a Weebly glitch. Since about March whenever I post a new photo to my Updates blog the site randomly replaces photos on older posts with the new photos. Since I post so many tutorials this is a huge problem. I'll be working with Support to figure this out when I can but in the meantime I suggest you follow my Instagram and/or Facebook pages for up-to-date Updates and even some mini tutorials.

Back in March I started a huge undertaking: moving my women's and children's fashion to ThredUP. I took Kreithchele Barnard's ThredUP class and was inspired. Since the end of March I've been paid out more than $1200 on the platform with hundreds of dollars still pending payout. Most of these sales have been items that were sitting for months or even years in my other stores, as well as my kids' outgrown clothes and my pre-weight loss clothes that are too big now. While that's a small amount of money compared to my other shops, I feel good about it. My ThredUP shop is in its infancy still. Sending my inventory to them rather than storing it in my house opens up wonderful expansion opportunities for me since I'm not limited by my physical space. You can sign up for Kreithchele's course using my affiliate link (I will get a payout when you sign up). I highly recommend this class. Unlike other teachers, Kreithchele offers free lifetime updates and discounts on her other classes. I am about to start her class on how to create your own course (hello, Mandaline's Doll Doctor School! Remember that dream of mine?!). The problem with this endeavor is just the sheer magnitude of the task of packing off my thousands of items to ThredUP and cataloging it all and just learning a new platform, not to mention taking another class and learning another skill while running my existing businesses (oh, and being a mom and wife and all that too!).  If you haven't signed up for ThredUP you can use this link and get a $10 credit to shop!

It doesn't help that we have been spending most weekends and even some whole weeks up at our fish camp in the mountains. We had a pre-fab shell delivered in December and we've been finishing the inside to turn it into a tiny cabin ourselves. We are doing everything except the electrical wiring. Over the past few months we've insulated and paneled about half the structure. We are in the process of finishing all that and building a bathroom. The property was untouched when we bought it so we are also spending many days building stairs and fences and just making it accessible. Our cabin is on a 60 foot cliff above the rest of the property and the river so making safe stairs down has been a top priority. It's been an amazing opportunity for us to teach our children the skills they need to be self-sustaining as well as to get to know them better since we are in such close proximity. We don't have Internet so we have to work from our cell phones using our data and the signal is very spotty, another great reason for me to move as much as I can to ThredUP so they can fulfill orders and deal with customer service issues for me.

I have also been so swamped with custom orders and doll repair requests in my doll hospital I've had to turn some away. It's wonderful to make so much more money and I am so thankful to all my customers, but  turnaround time at the moment for major repairs is close to a month. This is another reason I want to get my Doll Doctor course finished. Soon I will be homeschooling again due to the pandemic and I will have even less time for my business. I know firsthand the incredible demand for doll and toy doctors; I am getting dolls from as far away as Europe and Australia in my hospital. I can tell you it's a promising trade to learn and one that allows you to work from home. I'll post more about how to sign up when I finish the class and create my course.

I hope you are all doing well and just wanted to let you know what's been going on here. I fervently hope we can pull together and take care of this pandemic and get things back to normal. Stay safe and well!

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