Saturday, June 9, 2018

Happy World Doll Day!

I barely made it, but here it is, my World Doll Day post! Happy World Doll Day! Atelier Mandaline is celebrating all weekend long! 

I spent the day driving around, taking my daughter to and from a party, cleaning the house in anticipation of guests arriving tomorrow, running to the hardware store for my husband... busy, busy, busy, but I DID find time to set up my Doll Day sales! Save 20% on all things doll in my eBay and Etsy shops through Monday, June 11th.  I included action figures in the sale. 

Speaking of action figures, I just listed a ton of retired Funko Pops on Amazon and eBay and have more on the way. These are already selling out fast, some going locally before I even got them listed online. Sadly, I made a dumb decision, choosing a Princess Diana in a black dress. Turns out, I should have gotten the red version. It sold out over the past few days and now it's selling on Amazon and eBay for $50! All the Pops I got are retired, though, so they should all appreciate once they've sold out in regular stores. And what an adorable investment! So much cuter than stocks and bonds! The ones shown below are a tiny fraction of my inventory. I hope you'll head to my shops from my website to celebrate World Doll Day with me.

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