Monday, March 5, 2018

See What's New!

They're here! Atelier Mandaline shops on eBay and Etsy are now offering flat-back (half-round) fixed or stationary, doll eyes for dolls such as reborn, BJD, and even American Girl Wellie Wishers! These high-quality, unbreakable eyes are available in three true-to-life colors. More colors and custom painted eyes are on the way. At present I am only offering these on eBay and Etsy because I want to make sure I can keep up with demand before listing them on my website or in my Facebook shop. Thus far I have not been able to keep enough supply on hand for more than two of my shops! As with all American Girl dolls, the Wellie Wishers have specially-made eyes that aren't available outside the AG hospitals and factories so they fit a little differently than the replacements. You can see the comparison below: the hazel eyes are the originals and the blue ones are the replacements. I will try to find everyone who has contacted me wanting these eyes and reply to your messages; in the meantime, please head to the shops from my website to purchase these eyes!

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