Wednesday, May 3, 2017

You're My Favorite Notification!

The Atelier Mandaline newsletter is live! Sign up today on my website and I will send you a welcome message with exclusive coupon codes for my eBay and Etsy stores. You can expect to receive my emails every 7-14 days. They will alert you to new products and product lines, announce upcoming projects, and let you know of all the promotions and sales I'm offering across my network of shops. The Atelier Mandaline newsletter is the most convenient way to stay in touch with me, as it comes straight to your inbox! *You may need to check your Promotions or Junk folder if you don't see it within 24 hours of signing up.

In addition to my subscriber's bonuses, I'm offering a new way to earn sale and discount codes: a treasure hunt! I am running my first Ad Words campaign to advertise my new website. If you come across my Atelier Mandaline ad "in the wild" send me a screenshot or a description of where and when you saw it and I will send you another set of discount coupons!

As my eBay newsletter subscribers know, I will certainly not spam you with a bunch of emails. In fact, I can be rather lax in my newsletter writing! Unlike my eBay store newsletter, this one pertains to all my shops and I am able to customize it with links. I will still write the eBay newsletter, if you are already a subscriber to that one, and it will contain the same information minus any links to my website or other shops.

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