Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Doll Detective, Week of 1/31

I have fallen sadly behind on my Doll Detective posts, and I apologize. I found a bunch of dolls for you and then my aunt died and I was out of state for several days and while I was away the listings ended. When I returned I found quite a lot of junk-food eating and not much housecleaning went on while I was away, so I had some chores. I also have been hard at work both in my stores and on myself this week. I rode with my parents to Ohio and found that my step-father has gone from a man who used to throw us in the back of the van with a box of Ritz crackers and drive all night without stopping to one who stops every couple hours and eats only at sit-down restaurants. I can honestly say, I had forgotten the Ohioan obsession with Bob Evans restaurants. This trip, I even got to see the original homestead in Rio Grande, Ohio! My husband calls Bob Evans "The Yankee Cracker Barrel" and I can tell you my figure is showing their stick-to-your-ribs homestyle food. It's disappointing because I had been doing pretty well in my health and fitness group and now I am having to re-lose several pounds I gained while riding around in the car all day eating at Bob Evans. I'm about halfway back to where I was when I left, and I hope the new plan I'm trying doesn't kill me.

I am trying to reset my Circadian rhythms. I am a natural night owl. I am more productive after noon, I prefer to exercise at night, I don't get hungry until night, and I don't fall asleep easily until midnight or later. This wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have to get children on the bus before 7AM and be awake to feed and watch them during the day, but it really doesn't work well with my lifestyle. So, I'm trying this diet where you eat carbs at night and try protein and activity first thing, plus you alternate higher-carb days with low carb or keto days and fast days. I am on the keto day today and haven't had had any carbs to speak of and I can barely keep my eyes open. Here's hoping it doesn't backfire and leave me wide awake tonight after supper when I get to eat some carbohydrates! Anyway, I hope you will excuse what might be a rather foggy post.

My first pick for the week is an amazing Baps Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs set. Baps dolls are quite rare, but their deepest appeal, I think, is their sheer adorableness factor. These miniature German felt dolls have myriad details and an old-world look. I have never seen this set before and it looks like it's in really good shape. As always, this set, as with most of my picks, is not one I have seen in person. I am just pointing out unusual or desirable dolls I have come across.

Next I have Gretl  from The Sound of Music by Madame Alexander. This Wendy as Gretl doll is from 1971, although the Alexander company has released several sets inspired by the movie. The older dolls are harder to find. especially this particular one. I have been searching for years for all the original dolls from the first release so I could give my daughter a complete set. I haven't found a set I could afford, and now she's pretty much outgrown dolls. I wish I could have gotten her a set three or four years ago. I was obsessed with The Sound of Music as a girl and would have loved a set of dolls to go with the record I carried around in my portable phonograph case and played repeatedly!

Another doll I've never seen before turned up recently: this adorable Sayco character girl. She's a Mary Hoyer/Wendy Ann/Arranbee type fashion doll with a girl body rather than a mature figure and a mohair wig dressed in typical 1940's style. I have a Sayco baby doll I'm in the midst of restoring and I can't find another like it anywhere. Sayco seems to have specialized in less-expensive knock-offs of popular dolls and it appears they released small numbers of each doll. This particular girl is still in her box and appears unused, so not only a rare doll, but in rare condition!

If you're into doll repair I have a handyman special for you: this Madame Alexander composition Little Genius baby doll. This doll is a terrific price and the 14 inch size is unusual; She needs epoxy repairs to her fingers and toes and some crazing repair, but none of that is terribly hard. If I didn't have one of these in my studio awaiting restoration I would be all over this. I was really happy to see she has her original tagged dress. You see this doll most often without any tagged clothing or identifying marks and they're almost always listed as "Baby Genius?" or "Baby McGuffey?" and stuff like that, but with the tag there's no doubt as to who you have.

I've seen this Davy Crockett outfit before, but never the original doll in the outfit like this Muffie. She makes a pretty darling Davy Crockett! Muffie is just the cutest, in my opinion! I love the little coonskin hat.

If you are a Dollikin fan, you might want to check out this modern doll: Horsman's Rini. She is a ball-jointed doll (BJD) about the same size as the rare Dollikin "Squirt". Squirt is the nickname given by collectors to the 15 inch multi-jointed Dollikin. That doll is extremely rare. I saw one the other day but caught it just as the auction was ending. Since the Squirt is so hard to find, I suggest looking into Rini. I have one of these who is missing a hand and she's chilling up in my studio while I think about how to replace it!

This blast from the past made me laugh today when I saw them: a mint in the boxes Donny and Marie set! I know for sure I had their coloring book, and I can remember wanting these dolls, but I don't think I ever got them. I haven't made a point of searching for these so I'm not sure how rare or valuable they might be, but I haven't seen them since back in the day so I thought I would share!

Finally, a couple more Madame Alexander dolls finish up my list. First is Margaret as Mary Martin from South Pacific. I had no idea they even made this doll! I've never seen it, even in a book. Then Jeannie Walker. Jeannie is quite unusual because she's a walking doll made of composition. I think, but am not 100% sure, this was the first walking doll that started the big craze.

I truly hope you enjoy looking at all my cool finds for this week! As always, please check my Atelier Mandaline shops on Facebook, eBay, and Etsy for more great finds.

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