Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sad Day

Our beloved Snickers
For those of you who follow this blog, I am very sorry to have been away so long. I've been swamped with the end of the school year stuff and then the kids started swim team without even one day's break. If you've read these posts for a long time you might remember we adopted a Himalayan cat in November. Although the Humane Society told us she just had a "cold" she turned out to have a chronic illness called FHV. She had a flare-up a few weeks ago and has been on medicine but wasn't really getting better. Then, while brushing her out the other day we found an enormous, bloody, egg-sized mass on her chest which had not been present only a month ago. Today the vet confirmed my fear that she was just too frail to undergo surgery, given that the aggressive nature of the tumor meant it had probably spread throughout her body. So we said goodbye to her this morning, in between swim practises and shipping and tonight's swim meet. I am exhausted from grief and activities.

As soon as I can I will get back to work. I have actually been quite busy listing a huge consignment lot of baby clothes in my eBay store. I am listing girls' right now but have lots of boys' already listed and coming soon. In the Etsy shop I have added several Skipper and Betsy McCall outfits. These are not tagged items, so they are quite affordable. I hope you'll check both shops and the Facebook page to keep up with all my activities. I will certainly let you know when I have a chance to finish a few new dolls. I have enough of them waiting on me!

Doll and baby clothes getting ready to list

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