Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tutorial: How to Make a Baby Doll Bottle With Disappearing Milk

Today I took a break from cleaning and cooking to work a little on my sadly neglected eBay and Etsy stores. We have guests arriving tomorrow, so it's just a short break. I ordered some plastic baby bottles a couple months ago so I could make "disappearing" formula bottles for baby dolls. I was pleased to find small, 4 inch bottles, with closed nipple lids, rather than a pierced nipple. A lot of people make these with real baby bottles for reborn dolls, but I find those too large and I also don't trust the flexible pierced nipple. Even though you can close the hole in the nipple, it would still be easy for a determined child to bite through a silicone nipple and drink the fake formula. That would be bad, since the formula is not made of edible ingredients and could be quite harmful if ingested. My bottles have hard plastic nipples with no hole in the nipple, so it's easier to keep the fake formula out of a child's mouth. Still, I would keep these away from kids who aren't old enough to understand they shouldn't drink it. My own children would have been able to play with these at age 8 or so, but please consider your own child's personality when making one of these to use as a toy. I sell the bottles to make these in my Etsy store and also make them to order.

Baby Doll Bottle

To begin, gather isopropyl alcohol, clear baby oil, and all purpose flour, along with a bottle.

Ingredients for formula

The formula "disappears" when you turn the bottle upside down because it flows into the bottle lid. Since the lid is opaque, it looks like the baby doll is actually drinking the formula. Therefore, you don't want to make too much more formula than will fit in the lid. I use the lid as a measuring cup.

Use the lid as a measuring cup.
I measure one cap full of alcohol and mix it with 3/4 cap of flour and 1/3 cap of baby oil. Whisk all these until smooth with a fork or wire whisk. The formula will have an authentic grainy appearance, just like real breast milk or baby formula.

Pour the formula into the bottle.
Pour the formula into the bottle using a funnel. Then wipe the threads on the bottle neck with a paper towel dipped in alcohol to remove any spills or debris in preparation for gluing the lid.

I really like Beacon 527. It's a great all-purpose glue. I use it in my studio for making doll jewelry, jointed cloth dolls, making repairs... pretty much everything. This is a permanent glue, which is what you want in a situation like this where you don't want the lid to come off.

Glue the lid.

Wipe away the excess glue.
Glue all around the bottle neck and immediately screw the lid on the bottle. Wipe away any excess glue from the neck. Allow the glue to dry. Now your bottle is ready for play or display! I am trying to devise a formula that will be safe if a child ingests it but not spoil or get moldy. If I come up with one I will update this post.

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