Friday, June 12, 2015

Young Living's New Starter Kit

I've had exciting news from Young Living that I've been keeping under my vest for the past couple months and I can finally reveal it: Young Living has premiered a new starter kit! The kits are an amazing deal because they come with the exclusive Dewdrop diffuser and a whole new set of 11 oils! Today's the DAY (June 19th)! The kits are available and I'm holding a launch party at my house tonight but online all day. If you order yours from me I will send you a list of recipes for everyday uses of the kit oils and a sample. To order just go to my web site and select "Choose Your Membership" and sign up for the Premium Starter Kit.

The new premium starter kit

My favorite thing about the new kit is the packaging design. You get 11 oils in the 5ml size in a fitted box with magnetic closure. There are spaces for 10 oils in a lift-out panel and underneath is a deep box with one 5ml oil space and several areas to hold Ningxia samples, sample bottles, larger oils, etc. A pocket in the lid holds printed materials. This is great to carry to classes or to take with you for everyday use. I commend Young Living for making it so easy to share the oils without lugging a ton of stuff with you.

The kit comes in a fitted case.
The only thing that doesn't fit in the case is the diffuser, but it comes in its own box, so you could carry it that way. The ultrasonic Dewdrop diffuser, by the way, is very pretty. You can run it with or without the colored LED light. It's extremely versatile and can be used as an atomizer, vaporizer, and humidifier. I'm thrilled to have a second diffuser. I have the Home Diffuser downstairs and now the Dewdrop can go upstairs. It also allows us to use them in different bedrooms if more than one person has a cold or cough.

I absolutely love Young Living. I started in December and really got the hang of it around January. We are saving so much money on toiletries, supplements, and cleaning supplies, and I have the pride of knowing I'm bringing extra income to the family as well. I am proud my family is contributing to the health of the planet using natural products. I choose to have a business membership but it is not necessary. Once you purchase a Premium Starter Kit you have a Young Living Wholesale membership and get wholesale prices on all YL's wonderful stuff! I can't recommend it enough!

The Dewdrop diffuser

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