Friday, March 20, 2015

Easy Ortho Relief

Young Living oils for muscle aches

I've written before about Young Living's wonderful program called "Essential Rewards". Each month you order $50 or more as a standard order you get first 10% and later 20% back as dollars to use toward new products. I've only been a member of Essential Rewards for three months and last night I was able to redeem some of my points for oils we need and toward some to give as gifts. Besides the product credit you can also earn free products. This month you could earn a voucher for $20 off a Premium Starter Kit (already a fantastic deal), Marjoram and Balsam Spruce oils, and Ortho-Ease massage oil to soothe muscles after workouts. To find out how to become a wholesale member of Young Living and sign up for Essential Rewards go here.

I was set to earn all four. When my box arrived the Ortho-Ease wasn't in it, though. I realized a product went out of stock and wasn't in my order and dummy that I am I forgot about it and didn't add anything to help me qualify for the oil. AGHH! I am so upset because as you know we have been doing the super-intense P90X 3 workouts and every inch of my body is sore. Luckily, when I read the Ortho-Ease ingredients I realized the free Marjoram oil and the Thyme oil I earned free last month are key ingredients in the Ortho series. I had almost all the other oils in the ingredients list as well, so I decided to see if I could make my own. I combined ingredients used in the Ortho-Ease and Ortho-Sport massage oils. I'm happy to say, I tried this last night when I felt like crying after our workout and it really helped.

Ortho-Pain Massage Oil

20 drops each Young Living PanAway, RC, thyme, marjoram,
blue spruce, peppermint, Treasure of the Season, and lemongrass oils.
1 cup grapeseed or other carrier oil

Combine all ingredients and shake to blend. Rub on sore muscles. If you'd rather make a thicker paste, whip solid coconut oil until fluffy and expanded. Add essential oils. Store in the refrigerator or other cool spot to prevent melting.

Tonight's workout appears to be entirely comprised of different types of squats, so I'm glad I'll have this to apply to my legs later!

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