Sunday, February 1, 2015

Young Living Opportunity

UPDATE: the Dewdrop Diffuser is already sold out. Wow! Well, technically it's not sold out. The diffusers have become victims of the dock workers' strike and are presently trapped on a ship because no one will unload them. So at this point you might either get the Dewdrop or Rose diffuser in your kit. You WON'T get a less valuable option than the Rose, however. I want to say, as well, that I own the Rose diffuser and it's great. It can be used as a vaporizer and humidifier as well as for aromatherapy. The regular Young Living membership kit is still the best deal out there, too, with a value of well over $300 for $150. I can't remember the exact kit value but I want to say it's around $350! I am still offering $20 in product credit when you sign up for the Premium starter kit using my number and the link below. I feel so strongly about the benefits of choosing natural products I'm willing to help you add to your kit and try as many Young Living products as you can! I will also be available to answer questions and concerns and will add you to my online oil groups so you can find out all about how to use Young Living products.

Earlier post: I woke up this morning to great news from Young Living. For a limited time, the $150 starter kit includes the Dewdrop Diffuser, which usually costs almost $155 by itself. I am also adding $20 in product credit when you become a premium member, so if you've been considering joining Young Living, now is the time. I've learned from experience when Young Living says "for a limited time" it means you'd better jump on it!

Here's where you join Young Living and get the fantastic membership deal. You do have to give your Social Security number or Tax ID to sign up as a member because you have the possibility of selling the products as a Distributor. If you don't choose to have a business membership, however, Young Living will never use your number and they will never sell it or share it.

You can find out more about how to use Young Living products by following my Facebook page: Naturally Amanda.

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