Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Lychee and Dragon Fruit

Lest you all think I've been murdered or dropped off the face of the Earth, I am writing a post today even though I haven't created much of anything lately. Friday night was the biggest football game in the county, with the two arch rivals, my son's high school and another, undefeated. Naturally, my son didn't want to miss marching with the band during the halftime show. We had to make a sudden trip home to try to deal with the ongoing family situation I've mentioned recently, so we left right after half time. It was hard to leave; the game was very close and exciting. Our team ended up losing by one point, so I guess we didn't have to watch that at least.

Our trip ended up being entirely futile. We were there to try to talk some sense into people but it didn't work. Most people really only ever hear what they want to believe, or already believe, in my opinion. We did, however, stop at the Asian grocery for some exotic foods we've been missing. We hoped to get some fresh chestnuts so I can make a family favorite: roast duck with chestnut mousse. The chestnuts aren't in season yet however, so we contented ourselves with preserved chestnuts and fresh dragon fruit and lychee. I set the ripe fruit out in a bowl and the perfume is wafting deliciously through the house. I decided, if you make a doomed effort but at least end up with delectable fruit, you can be grateful for small mercies and call it "fruitility".

Leaves in silhouette.

I've been trying to walk off my frustration along with some extra pounds, and I'm almost up to 10 miles each day. I go in a loop that takes me by the lake and sometimes I just sit and look at the water. I have been taking Instagram photos, so maybe that can count as my creative effort for this post!

A new work box of dolls

We have wonderful new neighbors next door (they're from Michigan, of course!) and they were kind enough to hold a box of dolls I ordered until we returned. I couldn't believe I won this lot, even though all the dolls need quite a bit of work. There's a Wendy bride in there with the Margaret face. Last summer it was all ballerinas and this summer it's all brides! I have at least four bride dolls and two doll wedding dresses listed already.

But anyway, there's also a Kathy Cry Baby, a Harriet Hubbard Ayers makeup doll, a P-90 Betsy McCall, and a Honey Cinderella. I'm a little worried about the Honey. She has short hair that doesn't look cut. I wonder if she was originally Prince Charming, who is the exact same doll with short hair, and someone dressed her in the Cinderella gown. At any rate, she's going to need a new wig.

Honey Cinderella, by Effanbee, 1953

So, I have a lot to keep me busy. Every one of these dolls is scare to quite rare, so I should make a profit despite all the time I'll have to put into repair. I have been quite active in my store the past few days listing the dolls and clothes from the 1980s I told you about, and now we switched cell phones, so I have been going around the house collecting old phones and cases and accessories to list. We never got around to using some of these, so they're still in their boxes or have tags. You can find all that and these dolls coming soon in my store, so please check: http://stores.ebay.com/atelier-mandaline.

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