Monday, July 21, 2014

Muffie's Marvelous Year

Muffie doll and wardrobe, 1950s

Over the course of the past year I've purchased three vintage trunks containing 1950s small dolls, clothing, and accessories. I finally finished this, my last trunk set using all the loot from my trunks. I decided to follow Muffie through her own year, season by season. I had a ball putting this set together. Sweet Muffie is so cute, and so are all her little outfits!

Muffie's Brownie Scout outfit and 1950s pilgrim doll.

This looks like a Nancy Ann outfit but it isn't tagged.
On autumn afternoons Muffie dons her Brownie Scout uniform after school and heads to her meetings. Muffie's dress isn't tagged, but the snaps, belt, hat, and the half circles on the soles of her shoes lead me to believe this is a Nancy Ann outfit. There are a couple pictures in my Nancy Ann book that look like they could be this set, but the photos aren't clear enough to identify for sure. At any rate, this is definitely a factory set. Today at Brownies Muffie and her friends are learning about Thanksgiving. They make cute pilgrim decorations to use as a centerpiece on the table. The "pilgrim" doll came in a 1950s lot of international souvenir dolls, along with a little snowman made the same way. I'm not sure why they were in the international doll lot, but their miniature size is perfect for Muffie, as is the holiday theme.

Muffie's handmade vintage coat and 1950s snowman doll.

This skirt fabric matches a Nancy Ann skirt.

This Miss Nancy Ann skirt fabric is the same used for Muffie's dress.

Mother made Muffie the cherry-red corduroy coat with velveteen collar she wears in winter. Muffie wears her coat out shopping with Mother. They pick up a snowman decoration for the front porch. Muffie's coat matches her dress perfectly. Her dress has a white wool jersey knit bodice and printed cotton skirt. The skirt fabric is the same used for a variation of the Miss Nancy Ann skirt #317, so I believe it is a Nancy Ann piece. It is not tagged, however, and not finished as well as I'm used to seeing the Nancy Ann pieces. The skirt, neck, and sleeves aren't hemmed.

This dress and slip are by Vogue for Ginnette.

Muffie's outfit is a Ginnette outfit from 1957.

Muffie couldn't wait for Easter this year, because she gets to wear her lovely embroidered organdy dress over her pink satin slip with looped trim. Mother gave her a real parasol, probably by Madame Alexander, to carry! Muffie wears a vintage hat trimmed by me with vintage-look flowers to match her dress. Under her dress she wears pink gingham panties, which I believe are by Vogue. She also wears un-tagged white plastic shoes.

In the summertime Muffie wears her lovely blue day dress out. This is not tagged, but it is beautifully made. It could be skillfully handmade. She pairs her dress with a factory-made vintage sun hat and polka dot panties. She wears the same panties and hat to the beach with her new lace sun suit, handmade by me. Muffie finds a real, perfect shell in the sand!

Muffie is in great shape for her age.

Muffie is marked on her back.
I hope you enjoyed following Muffie through the seasons! She's a lovely girl, as you can tell. She has a few minor scratches on her arms; nothing major. Her paint is very nice and all original, her dark honey blonde wig is thick and still styled in its original set, and her head-turning walker works well.

Muffie has beautiful paint and hair in its original set.

Muffie's plastic suitcase is quite nice as well. There is little wear or dirt on the exterior. The little terrier dog decoration retains its flocked fur! The interior of the trunk has discoloration of the paper lining and the original owner's name is written inside in pen.

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