Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Seattle Sights

I'm posting today, sore and bruised but happy, from Seattle. The past few days we've shopped the Pike Place Market, sampling a fantastic assortment of luscious treats, walked on the Paradise Glacier, climbed the Longmire Trail to over 4200 feet in Mt. Ranier Park, kayaked in Elliot Bay off Puget Sound, walked all over the city sightseeing, and I've spent much of my time while Jerry is working swimming laps here in the hotel pool. I hope all the exercise will work off the treats I've been eating!

I highly recommend the doughnut stand in Pike Place market with its Donut Robot doughnut maker with a little conveyer belt. Ask for a half dozen or dozen with cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar; they go straight off the belt into a paper bag and are covered in sugar immediately. It's a bag full of melting, crunchy, sugary goodness. 

Turkish Delights is full of wonderful pastries and the namesake candy, but I loved the pita sandwiches called "donor kebab." The meat is shaved off a rotisserie joint right into your sandwich, with several cups of greens and a yummy sauce.

We met my dear college friend for a hike on Mount Ranier and afterwards he and his fiancĂ©e took us to Genki Sushi Broadway. Order from the menu for the freshest choices. The crunchy salmon bits and hot lobster roll are to die for. Try Bottega Italiana for dessert. Their gelato is the most authentic I've ever tasted outside Italy. 

We rode the Great Wheel after dark, which is a wonderful way to view the city lights.

Tonight we have a dinner cruise with Jerry's colleagues, so I have to go transform myself with lotions and potions from a scraped up ruffian into an executive wife. 

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The Great Wheel at night

On the Paradise Glacier

Kayaking in Elliot Bay and Puget Sound

Mount Ranier

Sunset on Puget Sound

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