Sunday, December 29, 2013

From the Mountains to the Sea

The Blue Ridge Mountains seen from Mount Mitchell

The past week has taken us very far. We celebrated Christmas in Asheville, NC: the Blue Ridge Mountains. Before we left town we drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway on Mount Mitchell and then turned onto the Elk Mountain Scenic Highway. The top of Elk Mountain offers fabulous views and it's often snowing up there when the rest of Asheville is dry.

Elk Mountain, NC

We stopped at home for a night, re-packed the suitcases, and headed for the beach. We arrived at Tybee Island, outside Savannah, Georgia, two days ago. The trip was utterly horrible. It should have taken five hours but lasted nearly eight instead. Now that we are finally here we love it.

Tide Pools
This morning the tide was out and the children were able to walk far out off the shore. We found live sand dollars, hermit crabs, and various shells with the animal still inside. We let them go, of course, after the kids examined them. It reminded me of my own childhood. I spent countless happy hours playing in the California tide pools while my dad was out diving. We found plenty of unoccupied shells to collect. I'll have to decide what to make from these. Keep watching for those projects.

A live sand dollar
Tomorrow we head home and then back to Asheville again for our annual New Year's Eve Wii tournament with my sister's family. 

I hope you enjoy my cell phone travel photography. May the new year bring all you've been wanting. I hope your own holiday travels are safe and fulfilling.

Tybee Island, Georgia

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