Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Evolving Atelier

Moxie Girlz are for sale in my new store.

Well, I finally did it: I opened a real eBay store! Usually I just try to get by with my 50 free listings, but a recent Target toy and doll clearance sale overloaded me with new inventory and I just didn't feel like sitting on it until Christmas. Besides that, eBay is making some changes to their policies, which means my blujay store, the original Atelier Mandaline, is going to have to change or disappear. Right now I list the same items in both locations, just for the people who are against eBay for whatever reason. It's funny, because everyone is all about Etsy right now, but I've been selling on eBay long enough to remember when they spun Etsy off. That's right; it's an eBay subsidiary! Not that there's anything wrong with Etsy; I have an Etsy Atelier Mandaline in progress. I don't have enough handmade inventory to fill it as yet. I just think it's funny that one site is so much more hip when it's really all the same company. Anyway, now eBay is going to start charging you for ending listings early. Right now I list on blujay and eBay and end a listing as soon as it sells on the other site, but I will have to stop that.  I also have most of my inventory set up so you can make an offer instead of paying the listed price, which is a fun feature eBay offers sellers.

I am a little worried about paying to open a store front and paying for more inventory, but you always hear that you have to risk something to gain a lot and I'd like to take my store to a higher level. I had a hard time deciding on a store name. Atelier means "studio", but is often used to describe a teaching artist's studio. I felt it was appropriate, since many of the items I sell are handmade and I do try to give instructions for lots of projects on my blog. I thought "Atelier Amanda" sounded really nice, but then it wouldn't tie into my blog or my other store.
Barbie Stardoll fashion doll

I have a lot of toys and dolls straight off the shelf, but I also sell many of the dolls and other projects I show in this blog. Sweet Sue Visits Venice is for sale, as well as some My Friend doll and book sets. I also have lots of clothes and shoes in size 2 to adult, some really nice handbags, dishes, and beauty products. EBay suggests you name your store for the products you sell, but Amanda's Dolls, Books, Beauty, Bags, etc, doesn't sound good! I also want the chance to change my inventory later.

This Sweet Sue is among the vintage dolls for sale in my store.

Someday I hope my blog and the Atelier Mandaline brand take off enough to support a stand-alone store, but until then I am working hard to grow my eBay store to the utmost! I hope you will visit at and subscribe to my store newsletter as well as follow this blog. I want to thank all of my readers, and especially all of you who purchase my items and write to me to tell me how you love my work. It just makes my month to hear from you!

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